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writing habits

All articles and guides that relate to writing habits. With a focus on how to build them to improve your marketing, creative and e-Commerce skills.

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Woman standing up on train reading business books on Kindle

10 easy tips to improve readability

Why read this? : Good writing is easy to read. We share 10 tips to help you improve your writing’s readability. Easy steps you can do right away with examples to inspire you. Read this for

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Man writing blue shirt

A brief guide to writing briefs

Why read this? : We explore how to get better at writing briefs. Learn why you need briefs. What’s in them. Who should write them. When to write them. And how long it should take.

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A neon on a white wall saying we are all made of stories

How to use storytelling in marketing

Why read this? : We look at how to use storytelling in marketing. Learn why stories are such a powerful way to engage customers. Learn how they grab attention and build emotional connections. Read this

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