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Articles and guides which refer to the idea of a review. In marketing, creative and e-Commerce, this can be an internal review from managers in the business, or an external review from a customer.

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Woman standing in a poorly lit street at night. She is blowing into her hands which holds a light and some sort of illuminated confetti

How to give great creative feedback

Why read this? : We look at the challenges of giving creative feedback to your agency. Learn how to balance business objectives and creative standards, while keeping the agency motivated. Read this to learn how

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Woman standing in front of a river wearing a black round neck T-shirt with a This Mum Loves design

T-Shirt shop learnings part 2

Why read this? : We share more T-shirt shop learnings from our e-Commerce experiments. Learn why simplifying makes your designs stronger. We also share some design short-cuts and outsourcing options. Plus, we share our experiences so

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