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e-commerce lessons

Articles related to lessons from e-commerce. From how to set up an e-commerce strategy to the different ways of working with bricks and clicks, pure players, and how to set up your own online D2C store.

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How to do an e-Commerce forecast

Why read this? : Your e-Commerce forecast predicts how much you’ll sell online. We share different ways to set it up, and show how it impacts your marketing, supply and finance plans. Learn how to

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Neon sign saying "I am Bold"

How culture drives breakthrough ideas

Snapshot : This week, we review how the culture of your business influences creativity and innovation. Get the culture right and you’ll have a steady stream of improvement and breakthrough ideas to grow your brand. Read

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Wooden scrabble tiles that spell the words Learn From Failure

Learn from your marketing mistakes

Snapshot : Nobody sets out to fail, but sometimes your marketing just doesn’t work. Competitors or customers do things you didn’t expect, and sometimes marketing mistakes get made. But what you learn when things go wrong

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