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All posts which related to blogs or blogging. Includes tips on how to write and edit blogs. Also includes reflections writing our own blog.

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The benefits of blogging for brands

Why read this? : We look at the benefits of blogging for brand-building. Learn how it can help you meet customer needs. Where it fits into your marketing plan. And how it connects to other brand

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Close up of a persons hand writing in a book, with the words "what's the value of my writing?" highlighted

The value of writing

Why read this? : This week’s article looks at the business value of writing. First, we look at freelance copywriting fees to get an idea of cost. Then, we apply these costs back to the

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Writing about writing about writing

Why read this? : Writing is one of our favourite topics to write about. So this week we share some lessons we’ve learned writing about writing. We look at how long blog articles should be. Why

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