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Our story

Smart thinking about Marketing, Creative and e-Commerce


Competition in business means there’s always winners and losers. Our story started because we love working out what winning companies do to stay ahead of the market. 

Winners focus on customers, and how to keep learning and improving. They think ahead, and work out what they need to raise their game. They outthink the competition. 

But they also bring that thinking to life with actions. They make moves to convert their strategies into actions. Winners outplay the competition.  

Outthink and outplay the competition and pretty soon, you’re outgrowing them too.  

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We work with businesses to raise their skills in marketing, creative and e-Commerce. We support them to outthink, outplay and outgrow the competition with ideas, insights and inspiration from our many years of experience creating consistent brand and sales growth. 

Read more of our story to see how we coach, curate and celebrate getting smarter to win more.

Coaching and consulting services

We offer expertise and experience in using marketing, creative and e-Commerce skills to grow brands and drive profitable sales.

Our coaching services help you define what you need to master these vital business skills. We work with you to build your competence and confidence in attracting, persuading and delighting customers. 

We also consult to help solve specific marketing, creative and e-Commerce challenges you may have.

Expert skill guides to raise your game

You can read examples of our expertise areas in our marketing, creative and e-Commerce skill guides and the regular articles we share on our blog. Use these to gather knowledge, ideas and practical tips and tools you can use to grow your brand and business.

When you find something interesting and want to learn more or have a specific problem you need help with, get in touch for an informal discussion about how we can support your marketing, creative and e-Commerce goals. There’s no charge until we start finding you ideas, insights and inspiring information that’ll grow your business. 

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Our marketing expertise and experience can help you get smarter at understanding customers, building stronger brands and activating profitable marketing plans.

Our popular marketing skill guides include :-

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Our deep understanding of creative processes and techniques can help you get smarter at imagining and creating innovative and impactful customer experiences. 

Our popular creative skill guides include :-

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Our e-Commerce know-how can help you deliver smart and pragmatic marketing, commercial and operational plans and activation to grow your online sales.

Our popular e-Commerce skill guides include :-

Celebrate smartness in our shop

When not coaching and consulting, we also run our own online store. So, we don’t just advise others. We like to play with marketing, creativity and e-Commerce too.

Our Three-Brains online store sells unique and innovative merchandise that celebrates smart thinking.

Our store is where we keep our skills up. We try out new ideas and techniques, so we can share what works and what doesn’t with your business. 

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We have great answers

Knowledge is a big part of raising your game. You need questions and answers to build knowledge. We love questions. And we love answers.

Our Frequently Asked Questions cover questions and answers across all the topics we cover. Check out the links to our Three-Brains skill guides so you can find out more. 

We also cover questions and answers about working with Three-Brains. How do we work? And how do you work with us? Find out more about our story.

Three-Brains Founder

Three-Brains was created by Richard Boniface. (LinkedIn profile here

Rich has worked for leading FMCG businesses in the UK and Australia including Glenmorangie, Allied Domecq, Ryvita, Danone Nutricia and Campbell Arnott’s.

During his career, Rich has been a marketing analyst, a market research manager, a marketing knowledge manager, a brand manager, a marketing manager, a digital and e-Commerce leader, and an online store D2C founder. 

He’s learned a lot about what makes a difference in marketing, creative and e-Commerce. 

Richard Boniface, Managing Director, Three-brains

And he loves to share what he’s learned. 

Business claims to fame include setting up the world’s first online whisky tasting with Glenmorangie. He returned Tia Maria to growth after 2 years of decline and was one of the leaders of Aptamil’s charge from #3 to #1 infant formula brand in the UK. This tripled the size of the business in 5 years. Plus, he set up an infant formula online store that drove $40m+ in sales in its first 3 years.

A thinker, a do-er and a player, Rich is driven by the challenge of outthinking and outplaying the competition. A genuine business all-rounder, he loves to bring unconventional and original thinking to business problems. He is the lead consultant for all Three-Brains projects.

Three-Brains are based in Wollstonecraft, Sydney, Australia.

ABN 39 638 563 867

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