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Level up your marketing communication skills

Marketing communications is how you interact with your customers. We cover the different ways you can create better connection to your target audience. Learn how to use marketing communication skills to build your brand and grow your sales. 

These guides cover how advertising and media work. How you get the most value out of public relations, packaging and sales promotions. Learn how marketing communications helps you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time and place.  

Level up your marketing communication skills

Learn the key steps of the advertising development process. With a focus on the brief, use this guide to improve the impact of your advertising. And learn how to get the best out of your agencies

  1. Learn the key steps in the advertising development process.
  2. Understand what’s needed to write a great advertising brief.
  3. Learn how to get the most out of your advertising and media agencies.

Knowing how to evaluate advertising, helps you focus on improving it. Read our guide on how to give feedback on the advertising idea, what’s in the post campaign analysis and when to review competitor ads. 

  1. Learn how to evaluate and give feedback on the advertising idea from your marketing agency.
  2. Identify your options to track and measure advertising impact on your performance.
  3. The importance of reviewing and learning from competitor advertising.

Media planning and buying puts your advertising messages in front of your target audience. Read about key media channels, how to work with media agencies and how to read a media schedule.

  1. Learn when to use the 3 key media styles of broadcast, narrowcast and monocast media.
  2. Understand the role of the media agency.
  3. Learn how to review a media schedule and how to measure return on advertising spend.

Public relations is the process of how you manage positive perception of your company and brand. Read our guide on the key roles and tools of public relations to boost your marketing plan. And finally, learn the importance of authenticity in PR. 

  1. Learn the role of public relations and how it fits into your marketing plan.
  2. Read about the 6 key activities which drive public relations, and where and when to use them.
  3. Learn the public relations planning process and how to evaluate PR’s impact.

Read our guide to packaging development for key design principles and how to use them in packaging. Learn the role packaging plays for your customers. And lastly, learn why it’s important to factor in the impact on your supply chain. 

  1. Learn what packaging development does for customers and brands.
  2. Understand how to use design and writing skills to boost your packaging.
  3. Review key practical and physical considerations associated with the packaging as it moves though the supply chain.

Sales promotion focusses on the point of purchase. Read our guide to learn key tools you can use to drive trial and short-term sales. So, why does visibility matter? How do you best use pricing? And finally, learn how to best support your sales team. 

  1. Read how sales promotion materials drive visibility and presence.
  2. Learn about different options to use price to drive sales promotion.
  3. The different types of promotional materials you can use to support your sales team.

Digital marketing

If you’d like to know more about non-traditional marketing communication skills like digital media and website planning, check out our digital marketing skills section.  

We also cover more technical digital topics like marketing technology and data in this section as well as the overall digital business model. Also, check out our guide to the marketing plan. This is where you’ll define the need for communications, and how much traditional and digital activity you’ll need. 

Scrabble tiles spelling out Digital Marketing laid out on a wooden table

Three-Brains and marketing communication skills

We have many years of marketing communications experience. That experience includes hundreds of projects, big and small across all types of marketing communication skills. It’s a fun area of marketing. But one where it’s easy to go wrong, if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

So, whether you need direct help with a communications challenge, or just a different point of view from what your agency tells you, we can help. We focus on delivering great communication work that really connects with consumers. 

Check out our coaching and consulting services to learn more about what we do. Or, contact us directly, if you have a specific communications challenge we can help you with. 

To support your marketing communications activity, you can download our communication brief template. This brief covers key areas around brand, objectives, communications, rationale and project details

The brief is an important first step to achieve clear and consistent communications. It sets the goal and expectations for all steps that follow.

You can also check out other free downloads in our resources section. 

In addition, Powerpoint and Keynote versions of this document are available on request. 

Marketing Communication brief - blank template
Click to download the pdf

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