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Snapshot : A quick data dive into most searched on google today. We’ll look at how Google Trends gives marketers content ideas for digital and social media, based on trending search terms. Sports, celebrities, news and events dominate. But there’s always some random searches that you can also tap into. 

One job you’d never want, would be to work in the Google press office. Because they get a lot of bad press. For example, look at the recent coverage of their fall out with the Australian government about paying for news coverage. 

Now, to be honest, we find it hard to get worked up about one way or the other. Corporate giants who make millions and billions in advertising revenue arguing with politicians and other corporate giants.

For most normal people, who cares, really?

Google vs other media businesses

But it got us thinking about the difference between Google and all those other news and media businesses. You know, the ones who give Google all the bad press. 

Because, we’ve worked directly with the folks at Google and some of those other media providers. In our experience, the folks at Google are pretty easy to deal with.

They’re honest about their role as an advertising and media-led business. And they’re open to discussions about partnerships that serve the greater good, rather than just selling airtime. 

Google hone page on a Samsung phone lores

You don’t always find that. They might also negotiate hard, but they’re less commercial hardball players than you’ll find in many other media businesses. (like when you sell with Amazon).

That’s not to say they’re perfect either. But they come pretty high on our list of people we like to work with. They have an interesting culture, like the important of humility and conscientiousness (see our article where we used this in a business review).

But putting aside their cultural approach, there’s two business reasons we think Google stands out from those others. Two ways that they differentiate themselves.

Google’s two points of difference

Firstly, there’s the fact that their basic core service – search – they give away for free. Imagine if you had to pay for search? They could make a fortune charging for search, but they don’t. 

That’s interesting. That makes them different. 

And imagine if you had to live without search. How would you ever track down that new restaurant, that new recipe and what show that guy had been on before? Imagine you had to choose between search, and those shows on those other channels. You could probably find an alternative to those other shows. But what’s the alternative to search?

Nah, if we had to make a choice, we’d throw all those other shows under the bus in a heartbeat. We’ll keep search, thank you very much. 

And here’s the second thing. 

Not only do they give that service away free, they also freely share a lot of the digital data that it generates. As business owners you can use Google data to get live, free market research and insights 24/7, 365 days a year. For free. We cover lots of examples of this in our guide to secondary data.

We don’t see other media channels doing this. Amazon famously give almost nothing away. If you  jump though a few hoops, you can squeeze some insights out of Facebook and Twitter But they don’t make it easy or obvious. They don’t even come close to matching what Google give you. 

For us, Google have democratised digital data. It’s the digital equivalent of when water taps, pipes and plumbing started to go into houses. 

As business owners, Google’s search data is amazing for generating insight and ideas. As an example, let’s have a quick data dive into the most searched on google today

Finding ideas on most searched on Google today

Having had the first Trump-Biden presidential debate / playground fight playing in the background as we wrote this post, we’re pretty sure by the time this article goes live today, that’ll be the top trend. And to be honest, it was such a car crash, we can’t even bring ourselves to talk about it. 

So, let’s do something a bit more fun. What can the most searched on Google today for the last 3 days tells us tell us about what people in Australia want and need right now? 

Sport rules

Maybe because we first looked at most searched on Google today on a Monday, and the weekend is big for sport, but wow, sport. Sport related content is all over Google Trends. And we means, all over. 

The search numbers smash some of the other search trends out of the park. Particularly anything related to the English Premier League. 

But scroll down a little, and you also find cricket (the IPL), US-based sports, especially basketball and gridiron, and other global football teams like Athletico Madrid and Bayern Munich ranking highly. 

And then rounding off the sports section, you have the teenage boy’s wet dream combination of cars and fighting, with Formula 1 and WWE / UFC.

So, no surprise really that sport is popular as a general theme. But actually, quite an opportunity when you know what’s interesting to people who are interested in sport, right now.   

Who could use this sort of data? 

Well, obviously any business whose product, service or offer connect strongly into sport can use this information. They can use it to be topical and relevant with their own content, especially on social media.

While obviously, you have to be careful not to infringe any trademarks, or suggest any endorsement, there’s nothing to stop you talking about these sports, these teams and what’s going on in them. 

If you know these are the topics that your audience search on, then you should talk about them on your social media posts or feature them in your product offer. What an opportunity to build your brand identity and connection with your audience through shared views and experiences. You can position yourself as an expert and fan in those areas. 

One of our local restaurants for example, has a chalkboard outside where they feature funny or sports related content. Usually to the detriment of the Manly Sea Eagles. We’re pretty sure they must get some insight from Google Trends. 

We love celebrities

So when sport doesn’t rule, it seems celebrities do. 

What seems to be “hot” right now in celebrity world are pregnancies and babies. News about Joaquin Phoenix’s new baby and pregnancy news from Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones featuring highly in what people search for in the last three days.

Now clearly the celebrity world is a fickle one. And again, make sure you don’t infringe any trademarks. But if these are the things your target audience is interested about, then talk about them. Have an opinion. Have a point of view. 

Who could use this sort of data?

If you’re a parenting related brand, retweet the news about Joaquin’s baby with a comment that shows you care that they chose River as the baby name. 

Make a GOT related pun about the new King of the North being on the way for Sophie T and whichever one of the Jonas brothers she’s with. 

The point is you’re showing that your interests match those of your target audience. That’s really helpful to build connections and conversations

News and events also matter

Which leaves us with our last major category on Google Trends, and that’s when major news and events happen. 

So in the last few days, we’ve had :-

  • the Microsoft outage
  • the improving Coronavirus situation in Melbourne (plus the sh*tshow politics in the background)
  • the run-up to today’s, let’s not talk about it, presidential debate.
  • Supreme Court nominees
  • The Rock’s view on Trump.
Man calmly reading a newspaper while it's on fire

This stuff’s all gold from a social media content point of view. If you can comment / post on anything that’s relevant to your business, your brand, by association, you position yourself as savvy, switched on and connected. 

Who wouldn’t want that? 

Life’s rando searches

So, there we have it, sports, celebrities and news and events are what most people search on.

These three groups cover the most topics in most searched in Google today. Think about what your brand could do with that.

Except, there’s one last category, we probably need to mention too. 

And that’s because much as we’d like it too, life doesn’t always fall into three neat little buckets. Much as we’d like it to. 

There’s usually a few extra left-field thoughts too. Because in general, people are left-field. And that comes across in what else people search for. 

So, right now, we also have high number of searches on Genshin. And, even though we consider ourselves quite gaming friendly, we had to search to find out it’s a new downloadable game. 

Then, you’ve also got La Nina, the Pacific-based weather event, Fox News which we couldn’t figure out other why it was trending in Australia, and randomly Hugh Hefner and I Love Lucy. 

Those topics, well, we would struggle to generate many ideas out of those, but if you’ve got any, let us know.

Check out our guides to secondary research and digital media for more on the topics we cover in this article. And contact us if you need specific help to use search trends as a way to generate content ideas. 

Photo credits

Google M&Ms : Photo by lalo Hernandez on Unsplash

Google Samsung Phone : Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

Marketing Dashboard : Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

Football : Photo by Tevarak Phanduang on Unsplash

Confetti : Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

Paper on fire : Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash

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