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Level up your digital marketing skills

Rapid advances in technology have brought new opportunities for brands and marketers. With new ways to reach, engage and connect with customers, it’s important to build your digital marketing skills. Marketers now need to be more confident and competent with the role of technology in their marketing activity. If your customers are online, it’s important you are too. 

Read these skill guides to learn our overall business model framework for digital marketing. Learn the key skills like digital media and website planning you need to reach, engage and sell to customers online. And learn about the marketing technology and data you need to support your online activity. And we close with a guide to customer experience, a process that pulls these elements together from the customer point of view.  

Level up your digital marketing skills

The scope of digital marketing can be overwhelming. Learn our simple framework for digital marketing to organise your digital marketing plan. We call it the RESTART model for digital marketing.

  1. The 7 key elements you need for a successful digital business model.
  2. How ‘front of house’ digital activities connect to drive reach, engagement and sales for a great customer experience.
  3. The key ‘back of house’ digital activities like technology, analysis and resources you need to transform your digital business model. 

Once you know your online target consumers, you need to be able to reach them through digital media channels. Read our guide to the three main digital media channels of search, social and display advertising.

  1. Learn how digital media fits in to the overall advertising and media plan.
  2. Understand the basic terms used in search marketing.
  3. Learn our social media “in” and “out” model to fit into your digital business model. 

Your website is your online ‘home’. It’s where your consumers have the most chance to engage with your content. Read our guide to what’s needed to create a great website experience that customers love.

  1. Learn about blogging, the easiest way to start a website. 
  2. Learn the 8 key steps of how a website actually works.
  3. Build your knowledge of website content, style and functionality to run a more professional and advanced website.

Read our guide to marketing technology with a focus on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. How can CRM support your marketing goals? How do you define marketing technology requirements? Read our guide to learn more. 

  1. Learn about the four major groupings of marketing technology.
  2. Understand where Customer Relationship Management (CRM) fits in your marketing plan.
  3. How to define your marketing technology requirements.

Digital marketing opens up deeper data and insights about your consumers. Read our guide to how to use tools like Google Analytics for great insights. But take care to stay within data protection and privacy laws. Read our guide to learn more. 

  1. See the key free external sources of digital data you can use to generate insights about your target consumers.
  2. Learn how to set up digital data on your own platforms including Google Analytics and key legal and security considerations.
  3. See examples of data user stories you can use to grow your business.

Customer experience (CX) is a process to manage your brand’s interaction with customers. Read our guide to learn about the customer journey, pain points and moments that matter. Follow this process to improve your focus on customers. 

  1. Understand the role of customer experience development in your digital marketing plan.
  2. Learn key customer experience development tools, like personas and the journey map.
  3. Understand how to make customer experience part of the way you do things. 

Three-Brains and digital marketing skills

We’ve worked on many digital marketing projects. This gives us great experience across all aspects of digital marketing. We can help you grow your skills in both ‘front of house’ and ‘back of house’ digital activities. 

Most importantly, we know how to connect digital marketing expertise back into support your brand marketing plan and growing your sales. 

Check out our coaching and consulting services to find out more about what we do. Or, contact us directly if there’s a specific digital marketing challenge we can help you with. 

The scope of digital and digital marketing covers many different topics. It can be a challenge to know where to start. And to be sure you have considered all the key topics. 

To help get your head around digital, check out our digital business model guide, which takes you through our RESTART model.

RESTART stands for reach, engage, sell, technology, analysis, resource and transform. These are the seven key steps you need for a successful digital business model. 

You can also check out more free downloadable tools in our resources section. 

The Seven Steps of the RESTART digital business model - Reach, Engage, Sell, Technology, Analysis, Resource, Transform
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