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Level up your brand strategy skills

Learning brand strategy skills gives you tools, processes and ways of thinking which create stronger brands. Stronger brands connect better with customers, last longer and drive more profitable sales. Your brand strategy sets the agenda for everything else you do in marketing. 

Read our brand strategy skills guides to learn the brand development process. Learn key processes like segmentation, targeting and positioning, and how to build your brand identity. We also cover action focussed processes like the marketing plan, brand activation and how to do innovation. Read this to level up your brand strategy skills. 

Level up your brand strategy skills

Read our overview of the brand development process. Learn why brand strength helps you charge higher prices and create more loyal customers. Learn the 5 key steps in the brand development process. And learn how to make sure the overall process runs smoothly.

  1. Understand the value brands add to your business.
  2. Understand 5 key steps in the brand development process.
  3. Learn key tips on how to manage the brand development process.

Find out how the segmentation, targeting and positioning process helps you focus what your brand does. Learn how to segment the market into smaller groups. How to assess segments to decide on your target audience. And , finally, how to build your brand positioning

  1. Learn the pros and cons of the 3 main types of segmentation approach.
  2. Understand key steps to identify market attractiveness as part of targeting.
  3. Learn how to build a brand positioning statement.

Your brand identity is how your target audience understands who you are, and what you stand for. We show you how to create and organise the core elements. First, your brand essence. Then, intangible assets like values and personality. And finally tangible assets like visuals and designs.

  1. Learn the key questions you need to answer at each stage of the brand choice funnel.
  2. Understand which brand assets you need, how to classify them and where and when to use them.
  3. Understand how to organise your assets into a ‘brand on a page’ and in to a brand book and style guide.

The marketing plan collates information and decisions into an action plan of key activities you’ll do over the next 6 -18 months. Learn the contents of a great plan and use our tools, templates and tips on how to create a great plan. 

  1. Learn the key questions which guide the contents of your marketing plan.
  2. Learn the different tools and templates like 4Ps, 7Ps and Game plans you can use to create your marketing plan.
  3. Read our top 3 tips to create a successful marketing plan.

Strategy is nothing without action. Read our guide on how your activity plan leads to activity briefs. Learn the importance of regular performance measurement to drive impactful brand activation to strengthen your brand and drive sales.

  1. Learn how the marketing mix 4Ps activities can be converted into brand activation.
  2. Read how to measure and track brand performance.
  3. Find out how to influence stakeholders  to prevent hold-ups and objections to your brand activation.

Customer needs change over time. So they look for new products and services to meet those needs. Our guide to key marketing innovation models and processes will help you learn how to use marketing innovation to grow your sales. 

  1. Learn the different approaches to marketing innovation and what they mean for your business.
  2. Understand key steps of the marketing innovation process to move from ideas to launches.
  3. Get ideas on how to manage marketing innovation once it has launched to the market.

Three-Brains and brand strategy skills

Need help building your brand strategy? Confused by the amount of information and the many claims of agencies who say they can solve all your problems? Before you’ve even told them what the problems are?

We have many years of experience as marketers building successful brands. We offer coaching and consulting services to listen to your marketing challenges and get you to successful and pragmatic answers quickly. Contact us for personalised coaching advice on how to use brand strategy skills to grow your business.

When you’re new to brand strategy, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

The 5 steps we cover in our guide to the the brand development process, helps you identify the key steps, the key questions and the key actions to follow. From knowing your market, to brand activation, this process will keep you on track.  

Use this tool as a reference when you look to build your brand strategy

The brand development process
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