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Level up your brand strategy skills

Brand strategy skills help you to build stronger brands. Strong brands connect better with customers and drive more profitable long-term sales. Brand strategy is how you bring your marketing to life. 

Read our brand strategy skills guides to learn the brand development process. Learn key processes like segmentation, targeting and positioning, and how to build your brand identity. We also cover action-focused processes like the marketing plan, brand activation and innovation. Read this to level up your brand strategy skills. 

Level up your brand strategy skills

New to brand strategy? Read our brand development process guide to learn the 5 key steps you need to follow. Learn the value of branding and how to run the process more efficiently and effectively. 

  1. The value of branding.
  2. How the brand development process works step by step.
  3. The best ways to manage the brand development process.

Segmentation, targeting and positioning is a key planning process. Read this to learn how to segment the market into smaller groups. How to choose your target audience. And, how to build your brand positioning

  1. Pros and cons of the 3 main segmentation approaches.
  2. How to calculate market attractiveness to decide on your target audience.
  3. Go through each step of building your brand positioning.

Your brand identity is how customers know who you are. Learn how to create and organise core elements like your essencevalues and personality, plus tangible assets like your logo and colour palette

  1. The key questions to cover at each step of the brand choice funnel.
  2. How to create, organise and use brand assets.
  3. What content should go into your brand book and style guide.

The marketing plan collates the information and decisions which drive your brand’s actions over the next 6-18 months. Read this to learn the contents, tools and templates you need to create a great plan. 

  1. The 3 key business questions your marketing plan must answer.
  2. How to use tools like the marketing mix and GAME plans to structure and share your plan.
  3. The key processes needed to build and action your marketing plan.

Read our brand activation guide to learn how to turn plans into activity briefs and clear actions. Plus, learn how regular performance measurement helps you maintain focus and flexibility. 

  1. How to convert the marketing mix 4Ps into brand activation.
  2. Explore how to measure and track brand performance.
  3. Understand how to influence stakeholders to reduce objections and delays.

Read our marketing innovation guide to learn the best processes and tools to create new products and services to meet new customer needs. Learn how to use marketing innovation to grow your sales. 

  1. The pros and cons of different marketing innovation approaches on your business.
  2. How the innovation process moves from ideas to launches.
  3. Explore how to manage innovations after they launch.

Three-Brains and brand strategy skills

Need help with your brand strategy skills? We have lots of marketing experience building successful brand strategies. Our coaching and consulting services can help you at each stage of brand planning with expert advice and support. Get in touch to learn how we can help you build your brand strategy skills and grow your business.

It can be hard to know where to start if you haven’t done much brand strategy before.  

The 5 steps from our brand development process guide are a good place to start. Use them to identify the key questions, actions and outputs you need. From analysing your market to brand activation, this process keeps your brand strategy on the right track.

Use this tool to guide you through the key steps to follow when building your brand strategy. 

Flow diagram showing the 5 steps of the brand development process - analyse your market, build your brand goal, segment, target and position, build your brand identity, brand activation
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