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Level up your marketing skills

Marketing is about building profitable long-term relationships between your target customer and your brand. Marketing skills like research, brand development and communications help you plan and execute effectively and efficiently. Use them to connect with customers and grow your brand. 

Our marketing skills guides show you how to understand what customers need using market research. They show you how to build your brand strategy with key processes like positioning and brand identity. We also cover broader subjects like communications, digital marketing and working with agencies. Read these guides to boost your marketing skills. 

Level up your marketing skills

Our market research guides start with the market research process. We cover how to plan your research and the 3 most common approaches – qualitative, quantitative and secondary. Read these guides to get the best out of market research companies and apply market research to your marketing plan.

Your brand tells people who you are. It shows them what you stand for. iI’s how customers find and remember you. Read these guides to learn how to use brand strategy to build a strong brand. We cover the brand development process all the way though to the marketing plan, brand activation and marketing innovation.

Our marketing communication guides cover how you interact with customers. Every interaction can strengthen the connection and grow your brand. Read these guides to learn how to get better at key communication areas like advertising, media, public relations, packaging and sales promotions.  

Digital marketing creates new ways to connect with customers and grow your brand. Learn how it all connects with our digital business model guide. Then get more specific with our guides to using digital media, websites, data, technology and CX to connect with online customers. 

Marketing agencies give you access to expert help across many types of marketing services. But how do you find them? How do you know which ones are good? And how do you work with them to deliver great work? Read this to learn how to get the best out of your marketing agency relationship.

  1. Learn the marketing agency management process key steps.
  2. How to find and select the best marketing agency for your needs.
  3. Advice on how to manage the on-going relationship with your marketing agency.

Marketing’s not easy. You need certain attitudes and behaviours to stand out from the crowd. Read this guide for tips on using our marketing B-R-A-I-N-S model. Follow these 6 tips and your marketing will be a lot smarter. Use these to outthink the competition and grow your brand.

  1. Learn the tips that sit behind our marketing B-R-A-I-N-S model.
  2. Read examples of how to use these tips to grow your business.
  3. How to get the best out of marketing people.

Three-Brains and marketing skills

Great marketing pulls together the knowledge from many different skills. We work with customers like you to fix marketing problems using these key marketing skills. 

We want to help you raise your marketing game, so you win more customers, build stronger brands, and grow profitable sales. Learn with us how to use your marketing skills to outthink, outplay and outperform the competition. 

Contact us if this sounds like the kind of expert help your business needs. Check out our coaching and consulting services for more on how we help businesses like your’s grow. 

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