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Three-brains FAQs

Questions and answers to help you raise your game

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Read our Three-Brains FAQs to discover the types of answers we provide for businesses looking to raise their game. 

Marketing questions

Google doesn’t just do search, it offers a lot of tools like Autocomplete, Trends and Keywords that can generate insights for your business direct from your computer. Read our article on secondary research to find out more.

It depends on the size of the agency and the type of market research you want to do. Read our guide to market research companies or on agency evaluation to learn more.

Most brands will have some sort of brand architecture framework like a brand wheel or brand diamond. Check out examples in our guide to brand identity.

Client and agency review meetings can be challenging. Read our article on the creative review and how to stop it being a car crash to learn more.

The brief normally starts from the positioning statement and the process then goes to idea generation and evaluations. Read more in our how to advertise guide.

Technology has changed dramatically in the last 10 years for marketers with over 7,000 different software options now one the market. That brings many challenges. Read our guide to marketing technology to find out more. 

e-Commerce questions

Yes we do, check out our articles on opening our first T-shirt shop and on Print on Demand suppliers. It’s also worth checking out our guide to e-commerce planning.

There are many ways to do this depending on how much control you want over the shop and how much you want to spend. Read our guide to setting up an online shop.

There are both variable costs like credit card fees, packaging and delivery costs as well as fixed costs like website maintenance, marketing and people costs. Read our comprehensive online store business model guide to learn more. 

Every retailer havs their own specific ways of working. But there are some general ‘rules’ that can help in any situation. Read our guide to working with online retailers to find out more.

There’s no magic formula. But in our how to get more sales online guide, we show that customer focus, an attention to detail and willingness to test and learn can raise your chances of online selling success.

Working with Amazon is like doing your taxes. You have to do it at some point, but it probably won’t be that enjoyable. Their size, innovation and customer focus is admirable, but they do have challenging work practices

Creative questions

No you don’t. But to deliver great marketing and e-Commerce experiences to your target audience, some creative skills are required. So you do need to know what those are, and how to either do them yourself or know what to look for if you hire someone else to do it for you. Read about the range of creative topics we cover here

As humans, we make strong psychological associations with certain colours. Read our articles on colour in marketing and colour psychology to see how brands can use colour.

Blogs are a great way to engage with your target audience. Make sure you research the topic and that it delivers what your audience is looking for. We have more tips in our guide on how to write a blog.  

The most commonly used tools are those in the Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Read more about these tools and their alternatives in our Graphic Design tools guide. 

There are many ways to generate ideas – read our article on creative thinking to get your creative juices flowing. 

Read our guide on how to manage photography on your own, and working with professional photographers.

Three-brains FAQs

We wanted a name that said we’re smart thinkers. That’s where brains came from. And we love the rule of three used in writing and communications to make messages easier to understand and remember. So, that’s where three came in.

We also discovered that “three brains” is an actual concept in neuroscience. That our brains have three basic jobs to do :-

– Our head brains based on logic. How we think.

– Our heart brains based on emotion. How we feel.

– And our gut brains based on action. What we do.

So we thought and felt calling ourself three-brains was the right thing to do.

Three-brains offer skill guides, blog articles, downloadable resources and personalised business coaching and consulting in marketing, creative and e-Commerce skills. 

We coach and consult with businesses to :-

– improve customer understanding through market research skills.

– create and improve their brand strategy and management.

– boost the impact of communications and digital marketing.

– develop stronger understanding and activation of creative processes and techniques.

– drive growth through successful e-commerce activation.

In a coaching agreement, we work with you to build your skills. You do the work to answer a business challenge or opportunity.

When it’s consulting, we do the work and find the answer to the challenge or opportunity for you.

We’re based in Wollstonecraft, Sydney.

But being digitally savvy, we used online to support customers wherever they are.

For general enquiries, use the contact form or email us.

Brief us

Or, if you know already know what you need , you can fill in our briefing template and we’ll come back with a proposal for you.  

There’s no charge until we agree on a plan to work together. So, no charge to review your brief and provide a proposal. 

We work out our prices based on the value we can add to your business, and how long it takes.

We offer half-day or full-day packages on specific topics, and longer packages for more bespoke and complicated projects. 

Our aim is always to deliver information, insights and ideas that more than pay for themselves with increased sales and profits for your business. 

Above all, our goal when we work with you is to drive growth in sales and profits

We build business plans with you which will generate more profit for you than it costs you to hire us.

You’ll be closer to customers, have stronger brands and be confident and competent in making smart marketing, creative and e-Commerce decisions. 

Ready to raise your game?

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