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Grow your e-Commerce skills

E-Commerce is all about selling online, either through third-party retailer sites, or setting up your own online store. E-Commerce skills are a mix of marketing and creative skills to drive sales, and technical skills to set up and run back-end systems and processes efficiently and effectively. 

Our e-Commerce guides show you how to pull these skills together. Learn about e-Commerce planning, how to work with online retailers and how to set up an online store. We also cover the different e-Commerce functions you need and how to get more sales online. Plus, we share lessons from setting up our own shop. Read these guides to grow your e-Commerce skills. 

Grow your e-Commerce skills

Learn how the e-Commerce planning process works and how to use it. From opportunities to channel plans and activating experiences, this guide takes you from e-Commerce zero to e-Commerce hero.

  1. Learn the 6 key steps of the e-Commerce planning process.
  2. Understand how to identify and validate e-Commerce opportunities and the pros and cons of different e-Commerce channels.
  3. Learn the activities and processes you need to create successful online selling experiences.

Setting up an online store gives you the most control over your online selling, but also the most complexity. Learn from our guides to D2C strategy, selling online, store websites, business modelling and more. 

Online selling is more than having a website. We’ll cover the marketing, finance and supply chain functional systems you need to run your own efficient and profitable online shop.

  1. Learn how marketing and digital marketing activities connect to your online store. 
  2. Explore the role finance plays for your online store to manage sales, costs and profits.
  3. Understand the importance of supply chain to support efficient storage and delivery of online store orders.

Learn the pros and cons of each of the main online retailer channels. We review marketplaces, bricks and clicks, pure players and dropshipping options. And learn the key skills needed to grow with online retailers.

  1. Understand how complexity and control drive your choice of e-Commerce channels.
  2. Learn the pros and cons of the main online retailer channels.
  3. Identify the key skills needed to drive your online retailer strategy and plan.


Read behind-the-scenes stories from our online shop. We believe the best learning comes when you put theory into practice. So we share key e-Commerce skills lessons we’ve learned with this real-life example.

  1. Learn from how we planned and set up the Three-Brains shop. 
  2. Our learnings and lessons from the area of product development for your online store. 
  3. Summary of our key market research and marketing performance lessons.

Learn the 3 e-Commerce skills that drive online sales. Market research to understand customer needs. Brand development to create brilliant brands. And customer experience to improve interactions.

  1. Learn how market research helps you understand the who, what, where, when and why of your customers. 
  2. How brand development skills help you attract more customers. 
  3. Find out how improving the online shopping customer experience drives more sales.

Three-Brains and e-Commerce skills

The Three-Brains team have worked on many successful e-Commerce projects. Our experience covers e-Commerce planning, how to work with online retailers and how to build online stores. We can support you in finding innovative ways to improve your online selling using smart marketing and creative skills to drive performance. 

Check out our coaching and consulting services to find out how we can help your brand. Or get in touch, if you need help with specific e-Commerce skills. 

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