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design notes - Keep calm and have a beer - Jan 20

Keep calm and have a beer design - black bckgrnd

Keep calm and have a beer …

  • Started from the much more complicated design “About time for a beer”.
  • We kept the Australian colours but stripped out the red completely so only 2 colours rather than 3.
  • The Australian Coat of Arms appears to have quite complex copyright and usage restrictions so we erred on the side of caution and did not use or copy it.
  • However, we have kept the ‘spirit’ of the Aussie coat of arms but using the ostrich, the kangaroo and stars elements.
  • We added a little beer glass bump to the exclamation mark – we’re not sure if everyone will spot it though.
  • We also did a gold -> white transition on the block that sits behind the word beer so it looks a little like beer with a frothy head. Kinda. 
  • Overall, it’s a much simpler and stronger design for a T-shirt with 15 words cut down to 6 and the removal of the flag, the beer and the ‘post it’s’ making it much simpler.

About time for a beer …

  • As we are based in Australia, we felt we should have some Australian-base themes in our portfolio.
  • Aussies are well-know for enjoying a cold beer in such a hot climate
  • The colours are the Green and Gold colours commonly associated with Australia. These derive from the national flower of Australia (the Golden Wattle)
  • The colour references are Green (#00843D) and Gold (#FFCD00)
  • Raleway and Phosphate are the fonts used above the flag graphic – both are Sans Serif fonts, with Noteworthy being used on the yellow boxes below which is a script font.
  • The beer glass has an added “Glass” effect imported from Adobe Illustrator
  • We used Aussie terms (brekkie / arvo) and ‘breaks’ in the day when Aussies eat and drink to show the best place for ‘beer’ time to fit in
  • We left the ? open because who knows what comes next after a beer. 
Three brains - about time for a beer t-shirt design