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Design notes - Gincredible - January 20


  • We started the Gincredible design because gin and tonic is very popular in the Three-Brains ‘house’. There was also a little bit of market research carried out to confirm it’s a drink that has gained in popularity in recent years.
  • We liked the word play of Gin and incredible coming together to create a new word – this sort of word play / punning feels on brand for three-brains and we’re looking for more inspiration in this area.
  • The recipe is fairly standard – apart from adding friends which was our own touch.
  • We were trying out some new fonts here – Athelas is a nice Serif font in the headline, and Myriad Pro a sans serif font for the body copy. We think these two fonts combine well, they feel well balanced. 
  • The green colour used is called Jet (#8fb821). It has a great fresh look that is in keeping the slice of lime added to the cocktail.
  • We did start looking to add ice to the glass but sound realised that is a tricky illustration. So we went back to simplicity.  The lime slice and the bubbles we think give the image of an ice cold gin and tonic though. Or a nice cold gin and tonic if you prefer to read it that way. 
  • By keeping this design to one headline one visual icon and few short lines of text, we think this design has great stand-out. Especially on black background design.
Gincredible design - 2 shots gin, 4 shots tonic, ice filled glass, lime, friends