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design notes - INTROVERt / EXTROVERT Xmas 19

Reference : Design notes – Introvert / Extrovert Xmas 19

We like to share the thinking behind our design so here are the design notes Introvert / Extrovert Xmas 2019 for your interest. 

Introvert Christmas Day

  • This was the first of our three-brains designs
  • We added a cat to the 9am online block as we know everyone likes cats online and introverts ESPECIALLY like cats.
  • 1pm might seem early for wine, but with guests coming at 2pm, we know introverts would likely have a glass to loosen up and be more social.
  • 2pm and 6pm – We know introverts and not actually anti-social. Just they can find long periods with others quite draining. So that’s why we used the outside and inside face to represent how introverts see social obligations.
  • 5pm we picked cards as the ‘game’ introverts would like. The ‘game’ choice for extroverts was something much noisier.
  • 7pm – 10pm we picked deliberately ‘quieter’ activities that introverts enjoy to wind down. We know ‘reading’ is a big part of most introvert lives.
  • We also deliberately choose blue throughout as this colour is associated with introverts as we note in our article on colour and colour associations.
  • See this design on merchandise at Redbubble or  also at Spreadshirt.

Reference : Design Notes Christmas 2019

Christmas Day Introvert
Christmas Day extrovert

Extrovert Christmas Day

  • The extrovert Christmas Day starts at 6am, at least two hours before the introvert ideally starts Christmas Day.
  • The extrovert would also start the day with present opening as soon as possible so we’ve got this at 7am.
  • We also think a cheeky breakfast Buck’s Fizz is something extroverts would really like.
  • There’s a lot more social connection from the extroverts popping in to see the neighbours at 9am, and having guest around from noon to 8pm (much longer than introverts).
  • There’s also time for chatting, and a high likelihood the noise of the chatting will get louder.
  • We also know there’s more likelihood of noisier social activities so we’ve included dancing and karaoke.
  • Extroverts could probably carry on until Boxing Day if they really put their mind to it, but with a 6am start, the chances are they will be running out of steam by 9pm.
  • See this design on items at Redbubble or also at Spreadshirt.

Reference : Design Notes Christmas 2019

Christmas Day decisions

  • We thought this would have more appeal to introverts who may well settle down in front of the TV on Christmas night. 
  • We initially thought of using actual film names for this design, but then realised that might cause some copyright issues.
  • Even using dialogue from the movie would be a potential copyright issue.
  • So we’ve described genre scenes in movies and / or TV shows that are non film specific. Even though, most people would likely identify one film with the description.
  • A text only design for this sort of T-shirt, we didn’t think worked. So we added in a few simple graphics to bring the text to life a little more.
  • We choose the fonts specifically as we thought they related to the genre the scene came from. The fonts we used were Bungee (for action); Noteworthy (for rom com); Marker Felt (for musical) and El Grande (for family).
  • See this design on merchandise at Redbubble   or at Spreadshirt.

Reference : Design Notes Christmas 2019

Christmas Watch Decision
Christmas Day gone well

Christmas Gone Well

  • This three-brains T-shirt design, we thought would appeal to extroverts who are likely to get more excited about Christmas than introverts. But it’s probably the design we spent the least time thinking about the concept.
  • Extroverts are more likely than introverts to start the day early and burn up more energy during the day, socialising and being more active. So there’s a much greater chance of them running out of steam by 9pm.
  • We didn’t want to make it look like the person was drunk or passed out, more worn out by being full on throughout the whole day – so that’s why there’s no alcohol reference on the design.
  • The Christmas Hat design, we lifted from the Christmas Day decision design. We just thought it looked cute and the sort of thing an extrovert would end up wearing on Christmas day.
  • See this design on items at Redbubble or at Spreadshirt.

Reference : Design Notes Christmas 2019