Boost your writing skills

Writing is an important creative skill you can use to boost the impact of your marketing and e-Commerce activity. Use writing skills to attract, engage and convert your target audience. Great writing skills bring your brand identity to life.

Read our series of writing skills guides to learn how writing fits in to your marketing and e-Commerce plans. We focus on key areas like advertising, blogs, seach (SEO) and sales copy. Learn how to plan, practice and perfect your writing skills to create winning written content to win customers and grow your brand. 

Boost your writing skills

Read our introduction to business writing guide to learn how writing improves your brand identity, brand activation and customer experience. And learn how to use purpose, structure and editing to improve your business writing skills. 

  1. Understand where business writing skills have the most impact on marketing.
  2. Learn the importance of purpose and structure in business writing.
  3. Read about the importance of writing drafts and editing.

Great advertising copy captures attention. It creates relevant messages for your audience that stand out from competitors. Read our guide to learn about the advertising copy writing process. And learn key tips to raise your advertising copy game.

  1. Where advertising copy fits into the advertising development process.
  2. The key steps of the advertising copywriting process.
  3. Learn how best to create, edit and integrate your advertising copy.

Blog posts and articles help build your brand identity. They help you drive engagement with your target audience. Read our guide on how to research and write your blog content. And learn how to make the content more search friendly and readable.  

  1. Learn how blogging boosts your marketing impact by meeting the needs of your target audience.
  2. Where to access online research tools to generate ideas and keywords.
  3. Practical blog writing tips to improve readability and searchability.

Take your writing to a wider audience by making it search engine friendly. Read our guide to SEO writing to learn the key skills to write and publish content with better search results. Learn what back-end process can boost your search performance.

  1. Define the role of search and SEO writing for marketing.
  2. Research consumer needs and writing topic ideas based on search behaviour.
  3. Write and publish content on your website in a way that’s SEO friendly.

Great sales copy comes when you understand the context. Knowing what consumers need means you can write copy that drives brand choice. Learn about the key product, emotional and psychological triggers you can use to boost your sales copy. 

  1. Understand key contextual factors to consider when you write sales copy.
  2. Learn about factual and emotional sales copy writing.
  3. Read about key psychological triggers you can use to boost the impact of your sales copy.

Learn the seven key ideas that can help you be a better writer. And in our guide, read about the key habits and routines you can use to raise your writing skills. Read why editing is such an important part of the writing process. 

  1. Learn the seven key ideas to help you be a better writer.
  2. Useful habits and routines to help with the challenge of writing.
  3. Why editing and reading skills help you be a better writer.

Three-brains and writing skills

We focus on coaching how to best deliver your business writing needs. This can mean going externally. So, hiring freelance writers, or working with marketing  agencies. Or, it can mean boosting your business’s internal writing skills. We can work with you to boost you and your team’s writing skills to create more impact. 

Check out our coaching and consulting services to see how we can help boost your writing skills to grow your business. Or, if you want some specific help, reach out and contact us directly. 

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