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Boost your graphic design skills

Graphic design is a skill that combines visual communication and problem-solving. There are many ways to use this skill to boost your marketing and e-Commerce activity. Graphic design skills help you create more impactful and relevant communications that customers will notice and act on. 

Read our skill guides to learn the key graphic design skills you need to know for marketing and e-Commerce. Firstly, we cover some overall easy graphic design principles for beginners. Next, we go into more specific graphic design topics like colour, logo development and typography. We have a practical guide to graphic design tools and finish with a look at different options to manage your graphic design needs.  

Boost your graphic design skills

Learn about key design principles to improve your marketing activities and designs. Find out why basic principles like Contrast, Repetition, Alignment and Proximity make a big difference. And learn more advanced techniques like the rule of thirds and the Golden Ratio.

  1. Learn the design principles of contrast, repetition, alignment and proximity.
  2. Find out about more advanced design techniques like the rule of thirds and the Golden Ratio.
  3. See how to apply these design principles in marketing activation.

Learn how to use colour in marketing including colour definitions, the colour wheel and colour combinations. Find out about the 5 different colour classification systems. And, learn how to use colour psychology to influence perceptions of your brand identity.

  1. Find out which areas of the marketing mix you can improve with better knowledge of colour.
  2. Learn the basic terminology of colour so that you can talk about it with confidence.
  3. Find out how colour has psychological associations that you can use to make your marketing stronger.

Find out how to use marketing typography to drive brand identity and influence consumers. Find out about key definitions in typography. Learn the different types of fonts and how to combine them. And, read about how to use font psychology. 

  1. Learn which areas of marketing you can improve with better knowledge of typography.
  2. Understand key definitions and theories so you can make better decisions on marketing typography.
  3. How psychology plays a role in typography and how you can use that to your brand’s advantage.

Learn how to define your graphic design tools requirements. We focus on the key Adobe tools of Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. Find out how to access the Adobe Creative Cloud to grow your skills? And we cover the major alternatives exist if you don’t wish to use Adobe.

  1. Learn the 3 key factors which drive your choice of graphic design tools.
  2. Understand the difference between raster and vector graphics and how that impacts your choice of graphic design tools. 
  3. Follow our examples of graphic design tasks and learn which tools you use to do them.

Read our guide to the 6 key steps of the logo development process and why logos matter in marketing and e-commerce. Find out how to make use of your logo consistent in your brand activation. Key steps you can follow on your own or when you work with a graphic designer.

  1. Learn the 6 key steps in the logo design process.
  2. Understand the key areas of typography, icons and colours in logo development.
  3. Be clear on how to link your final logo design to consistent brand identity and brand activation.  

How to identify your business’s graphic design needs. Where to start if you want to build your graphic design skills. And how to source freelancers or work with agencies, and the relative pros and cons of each. And overall, how you link graphic design back to your business objectives. 

  1. Identify the three key areas where graphic design for your business has the biggest impact.
  2. Learn the three key ways to source graphic design for your business.
  3. How to get the best out of graphic designers.

Three-brains and graphic design skills

We specialise in coaching and advising on how to best meet your graphic design needs. This can mean you use freelance graphic designers, manage it in-house, or you build your own graphic design skills to make your visual communications more impactful.

Check out our coaching and consulting services, if you want to know more about how we can support your graphic design needs to grow your business. Or contact us directly if you have a specific challenge you need help with. 

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