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Boost your creative skills

Creativity is about coming up with new ideas and bringing them to life in words, images, videos and stories. Creative skills help your brand stand out and feel more relevant and engaging to customers. Use them to create experiences customers love.  

Our creative skill guides cover the basics of all key creative topics you use in marketing and e-Commerce. How to build your creative thinking skills. What you need to produce great writing, graphic design and brand stories. And how you visualise those with relevant photography and video content. Read these guides to boost your creative skills. 

Boost your creative skills

Creative thinking is all about new ideas. But how do you come up with them? Read this to learn practical techniques for idea generationAnd once you have those initial ideas, learn how to craft them into winning ideas. 

  1. Understand why and how creative thinking grows your business.
  2. How to encourage, enable and execute creative thinking.
  3. Learn more about idea generation, screening and testing.

You write to engage customers using skills like blogs and SEO to pull customers in. And then advertising and sales copy to persuade them to buy. Read these to improve your business writing skills.

Graphic design drives visual communication. Learn basic design principles, and how to use colour and typography. We also cover logo design, graphic design tools, and the business side of graphic design. 

Storytelling helps you connect with customers. Read our guide to learn what makes a great brand story including purpose, key elements and structure. We show how to use these to tell your brand’s story.

  1. Explore how stories engage and build connections with your audience. 
  2. Understand the role of purpose, structure and other key elements that go into great stories.
  3. Learn from examples of the different types of stories used in marketing and e-Commerce.

How do you make your photography work harder for maximum impact in marketing? Read our ‘how to’ guide for all levels of knowledge. From do-it-yourself tips to how to get the best out of a professional photographer.  

  1. Learn how to define your photography needs based on the brand choice funnel.
  2. Understand where and how you use photography in different types of media channels.
  3. Advice on the 3 main ways to source photography – online, do it yourself or hire a professional.

You can use video content at every stage of the brand choice funnel. Read our guide on how to create video content for marketing. How to do it on your own or with a film crew. Packed full of tips to make your videos better.

  1. Learn how and where video content supports the delivery of your marketing objectives.
  2. Review what you need to know if you decide to create your own videos.
  3. Understand how to get the most out of working with professional video makers. 

Three-Brains and creative skills

Creative skills underpin how you connect with your target audience and grow your brand. Yet often, these creative skills are outsourced and not well integrated with your marketing and e-Commerce activities. This is a missed opportunity. 

That’s why our coaching and consulting services help businesses boost their creative skills. Check out our guides, or drop us a line to learn how we can help. 

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