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Marketing questions

Google doesn’t just do search, it offers a lot of tools like Autocomplete, Trends and Keywords that can generate insights for your business direct from your computer. Read our article on secondary research to find out more.

It depends on the size of the agency and the type of research you ware looking to do. Read our article on market research companies.

Most brands will have some sort of brand architecture template. A framework to structure all your brand assets. Read our article on brand identity.

Client and agency review meetings can be challenging. Read our blog post on the creative review and how to stop it being a car crash.

The brief normally starts from the positioning statement and the process then goes to idea generation and evaluations. Read more on in our how to advertise guide.

Technology has changed dramatically in the last 10 years for marketers with over 7,000 different software options now one the market. Read our guide to marketing technology to find out more. 

e-Commerce questions

Yes we do, feel free to read our blog post on Print on Demand learnings as well as our overview introduction to e-commerce.

There are many ways to do this depending on how much control you want over the shop and how much you want to spend. Read our article on setting up an online shop

There are both variable costs like credit card fees, packaging and delivery costs to consider as well as fixed costs like website maintenance, marketing and people costs. Read our comprehensive guide to the costs of setting up an online store to find out more. 

Every retailer will have their own specific ways of working. But there are some general ‘rules’ that can help in any situation. Read our article on working with online retailers.

There’s no magic formula, but in our online store advice article, we show that customer focus, an attention to detail and willingness to test and learn are three key factors that can raise your chances of online selling success.

Working with Amazon is like doing your taxes. You have to do it at some point, but it probably won’t be that enjoyable. Their size, innovation and customer focus is admirable but they do have challenging work practices as you can read about here

Creative questions

No you don’t. But to deliver great marketing and e-Commerce experiences to your target audience, some creative skills are required. So you do need to know what those are, and how to either do them yourself or know what to look for if you hire someone else to do it for you. Read about the range of creative topics we cover here

As humans, we make strong psychological associations with certain colours. Read our article on colour and colour psychology and how it can be used by brands.

Blogs are a great way to engage with your target audience. You should make sure to research the topic and that it delivers what your audience is looking for. We have more tips in our guide on how to write a blog.  

The most commonly used tools are those in the Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Read our guide to these tools plus alternatives in our Graphic Design tools article

There are many ways to generate ideas – read our article on creative thinking to get your creative juices flowing. 

Read our guide to photography you can do on your own and also how best to work with a professional photographers.

Three-brains FAQs

We wanted a name that highlighted smart thinking because that’s what makes us competitive.  So, brains. And we’re big fans of the rule of three that’s common in writing and communications. So, three.

We also discovered that “three brains” is an actual thing. A concept from the world of neuroscience. That we all have three brains or at least our brains serve three purposes. Our head brains which support logic. Our heart brains which govern emotion. And our gut brains which drive action. 

So our heads, heart and gut also told us there was something in the name too.

We offer skill guides, blog posts, downloadable resources and personalised business coaching and consulting in marketing, creative and e-Commerce skills. 

We coach and consult with businesses to …

 improve customer understanding through market research skills

create and improve their brand strategy and management

improve the impact of communications and digital marketing

develop stronger understanding and activation of creative processes and techniques

drive growth through successful e-commerce activation.

A little but not much. In a coaching agreement, we work to build your skills to answer a business challenge or opportunity. When it’s straightforward consulting, then it’s usually us that’s delivering the answer to the challenge or opportunity.

We are based in Sydney. But being digitally savvy, the world of online is where we spend a lot of our time supporting our customers. 

For general enquiries, use the contact form. Or, if you would like to give us a high level brief and have us come back with a plan, there’s a briefing template you can fill in online.  

We don’t charge to review your brief and put together a proposal, but everyone’s competitive needs are different.  Our costs will be calculated on the amount of time our consultants need to devote to working with your to get to your competitive best, but we also only propose solutions that deliver more profit for you than it costs you to hire us.

Above all, our goal when we work with you is to drive your growth in sales and profits ahead of your competitors

We build business plans with you which will generate more profit for your business than it costs you to hire us.

Our focus on making you competitive is what makes us stand-out from our competitors.

We like to compete and to win as much as you do.

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