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Three brains

We believe that to be successful and marketing, creative and e-commerce, you need to engage three-brains. The logical brain, the emotional brain and the instinctive brain. Anything that touches on three-brains as a concept or as a business entity.

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The benefits of blogging for brands

Why read this? : We look at the benefits of blogging for building your brand. Learn which customer needs blogging can help you meet. We also show where blogging fits into your marketing plan and activities.

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Man's back with writing - The 4ps of marketing pointing towards elbows, with people who say the 4Ps is dead pointing towards arse.

The alternative 4Ps of marketing

Why read this? : We share why the 4Ps of marketing are still relevant. And why those who say they’re out of date have got it wrong. We also share our alternative 4Ps which reflect

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Christmas best wishes – 2020

And, relax. The Three-Brains team is now winding down, wishing you and yours a relaxing and joyful festive break. Our Christmas break starts now. We’ll catch you in the New Year in 2021.

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An Amazon cardboard box with Christmas icons on it sitting in a hallway with a Christmas tree in the background

What e-Commerce 2020 has taught us

Why read this? : There’s been lots going on with e-Commerce in 2020. It’s been a big year for online selling. We pause to reflect on what lessons we’ve learned over the last year. Read

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