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All things related to market research. From different types of market research like qualitative and quantitative to market research you can do on your own and how to work with market research agencies.

Marketing evolution - revolution model - spectrum showing mouse problem in middle and evolution answer - better mousetrap - and revolution answer - a cat

Marketing evolution versus marketing revolution

Snapshot : This week, we dive into the differences between marketing evolution and marketing revolution. Do you safely and steadily evolve your marketing with incremental changes to build up long-term consistent growth? Or, do you boldly and brazenly revolutionise your marketing to drive disruptive but risky breakthroughs? That’s the innovator’s dilemma.  One of the great things about working in marketing is you get to spend time thinking about what makes people tick.  We’re all different, after all.  But marketing… Read More »Marketing evolution versus marketing revolution

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Four key lessons to find your e-Commerce competitive advantage

Snapshot : To find your e-Commerce competitive advantage, you need to follow a marketing-led approach. In this article, we cover how knowing your audience, building your brand and creating relevant and inspiring experiences drive e-Commerce success. And of course, to stay at the top of your game in e-Commerce it’s important to keep learning. If you believe most of what you read online about e-Commerce, you don’t need to worry about… Read More »Four key lessons to find your e-Commerce competitive advantage

Let’s reconnect on social media channels – where were we again?

Snapshot : This week, we keep an old promise and look at more social medial channels beyond the Big 4. Join our online party as we flick though the ups and downs of You Tube, Pinterest, Reddit and Tumblr and what these social media channels can do for your brand and your customers.  It’s important to keep promises, right? Even if it’s been a while since you made that promise. So, we recently re-read our… Read More »Let’s reconnect on social media channels – where were we again?

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Marketing agency evaluation – some rules of thumb

Snapshot : Formal marketing agency evaluation is important. But, there are also many informal ways to judge whether your agency is doing a good job for you. We cover the many rules of thumb that will help you decide if your agency relationship is a dream or a dud. One of the first lessons you are taught in marketing is that you can’t do everything yourself. Marketing covers a wide… Read More »Marketing agency evaluation – some rules of thumb

Marketing inspiration – read like a polymath

Summary : We take marketing inspiration from reading about other topics. So, in this article we some learning from psychology and behavioural science. Then, look at how to improve your writing skills. And, we finish with what you can learn from the culture behind the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. We call this polymath reading.  One of the challenges when you call your business Three-brains, is people expect you to… Read More »Marketing inspiration – read like a polymath

Most searched on google today – finding ideas

Snapshot : A quick data dive into most searched on google today. We’ll look at how Google Trends gives marketers content ideas for digital and social media, based on trending search terms. Sports, celebrities, news and events dominate. But there’s always some random searches that you can also tap into.  One job you’d never want, would be to work in the Google press office. Because they get a lot of bad press. For example, look at the recent coverage of… Read More »Most searched on google today – finding ideas

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Colour psychology in marketing – your choice of colour matters

Snapshot : Your choice of colour impacts how consumers perceive your brand and your activity every day. But colour psychology in marketing is rarely top of mind. As we update our guide to the use of colour in marketing, we share some specific examples of how you can use colour to grow the impact of your brand. Your choice of colours says a lot about you and your brand. When you see… Read More »Colour psychology in marketing – your choice of colour matters

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Reading business books – business writing that stands out

Snapshot : This week, we pull out three different insights from reading business books you can use in your business. Learn how Pixar supports new ideas in their ugly baby stage. From behavioural science, how the distinctiveness bias can help your brand and advertising stand out. And from negotiation theory, how to win a fair deal in any negotiation. In Brad Stone’s excellent biography of Jeff Bezos, The Everything Store, he… Read More »Reading business books – business writing that stands out

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Add digital marketing benefits to your marketing playlist

Snapshot : How digital marketing impacts on your overall approach to marketing. And how digital marketing benefits, both functional and emotional should be part of how you consider which digital marketing activities to include in your marketing plan. We’ve yet to see an official update of how much time people spend online at the moment. But anecdotally, it’s clearly a lot. Even in the Hootsuite and We Are Social report… Read More »Add digital marketing benefits to your marketing playlist

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What do online shoppers want from e-Commerce?

Snapshot : We’ve all heard a lot of noise about the e-Commerce opportunity during the COVID-19 crisis. As normality slowly returns, it’s a good time to look at what do online shoppers want. The three key online shopping consumer benefits of convenience, range and price comparison help you focus on the needs of your e-Commerce target audience. And the needs of your audience drives your marketing plan to grow your… Read More »What do online shoppers want from e-Commerce?

Market research before and after COVID-19 checklist - they are the same except after COVId-19, don't bang on about the new normal

The future of market research after COVID-19

Snapshot : COVID-19 restrictions means you can’t get physically close to anyone, let alone your target consumers.  But, there’s still enough market research methodologies to help you get mentally and emotionally close with consumers.  And what consumers need right now, and will need is empathy. So, the future of market research depends on those businesses who can “do” empathy the best.  The future of market research after COVID-19 The mass speculation… Read More »The future of market research after COVID-19

The target audience for market research marketing

Snapshot : Research on market research keywords shows a surprisingly small amount of searches on key market research terms. Is market research marketing itself well to its target audience of marketing managers and business owners? Market researchers need to think about their own target audience more and spend less time explaining how it’s done. And they need to adapt to the latest trends coming out of digital transformation.  Marketing always starts… Read More »The target audience for market research marketing