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All topics related to advertising including how to brief, working with advertising agencies and the evaluation of advertising.

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5 design psychology tips for easier processing and remembering

Snapshot : Design psychology helps you understand what happens in the minds of your audience when they experience a design. We’ve pulled together 5 of the most frequently used design psychology principles, and in this article give tips and examples of where and how you can use them. These 5 tips focus primarily on making it easier for customers to process and remember your designs.  Like any skill, graphic design… Read More »5 design psychology tips for easier processing and remembering

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How to use behavioural science in marketing

Snapshot : You can use market research and data analysis to uncover customer needs, but the growing use of behavioural science in marketing offers an exciting third way to do this. Learn how to connect behavioural science learning to the brand choice funnel to create and test marketing ideas that are more likely to influence what your customers do.  The basic job of marketing is no big secret. Understand customer… Read More »How to use behavioural science in marketing

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How to use storytelling in marketing

Snapshot : We all love a good story. We all tell stories to help us communicate and make sense of the world. But many marketers don’t understand or value the importance of stories for their brands and customers. This article looks for the marketing opportunities in storytelling, and shares how stories grab attention and help you build emotional connections with customers.  You’ve just got home from work (aka the spare room… Read More »How to use storytelling in marketing

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Customer loyalty? Where it matters and where it doesn’t

Snapshot : Customer loyalty divides opinions in marketing. Some argue retaining loyal customers is easier and cheaper than acquiring new ones. But others argue customers are never truly loyal and loyalty doesn’t drive sales. For us, it’s all about context. In this article, learn how to identify where customer loyalty matters and how to encourage your customers to stay loyal. Customer loyalty follows trust, awareness, consideration and trial in the brand… Read More »Customer loyalty? Where it matters and where it doesn’t

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Meeting the media sales team – make it awesome, not awful

Snapshot : When your media agency recommend you spend your media budget with a single supplier, they’ll often ask media sales teams from different suppliers to pitch for the business. Sometimes this goes well, but often it doesn’t. Learn what you can do to prepare for that pitch meeting.And learn what you to look out for to make the best decision on where you spend your media money.  We’ve previously covered… Read More »Meeting the media sales team – make it awesome, not awful

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How to improve marketing decision-making

Snapshot : The quality of your marketing decision making determines how successful your marketing is. Better decisions lead to better results. But many businesses don’t consider how to make better decisions. Learn from our ideas, experiences and recommendations on how to make better marketing decisions.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Decision-making is a big part of marketing. From deciding how to act on market research to building your brand identity and at all… Read More »How to improve marketing decision-making

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Creative approval – How to get creative work through your business

Snapshot : A successful creative approval process manages the trade-off between risk reduction and customer impact. It reduce risks like legal challenges, brand inconsistency, budget overspend and damage to the company reputation. But it also drives customer impact with creative work that’s bold, unpredictable and takes some risks. Learn from our experiences how to find this balance between risk and impact. At some point with creative development work, you move from… Read More »Creative approval – How to get creative work through your business

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Creative evaluation – 3 key questions to keep you on the right track

Snapshot : Everyone’s got an opinion on creativity, which means navigating creative work through a business can be frustrating. Creative evaluation takes time. You have to manage disagreements and different points of view, and it’s easy to lose focus. In this article, we share three key questions that’ll keep you on the right track.  Creativity can feel like a big box of Cadbury’s Favourites. Lots of fun and variety, but people’s have… Read More »Creative evaluation – 3 key questions to keep you on the right track

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Let’s talk about advertising impact on sales and profits

Snapshot : This week, we look at the pros and cons of short-term versus long-term advertising. The former focuses on sales activation, while the latter builds brand equity. Research shows the best results come when you find the right balance between the two. You only find the right balance for your brand when you review advertising impact. So, we’ll share three different ways to do that.  Advertising (including media) is usually… Read More »Let’s talk about advertising impact on sales and profits

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Four key lessons to find your e-Commerce competitive advantage

Snapshot : To find your e-Commerce competitive advantage, you need to follow a marketing-led approach. In this article, we cover how knowing your audience, building your brand and creating relevant and inspiring experiences drive e-Commerce success. And of course, to stay at the top of your game in e-Commerce it’s important to keep learning. If you believe most of what you read online about e-Commerce, you don’t need to worry about… Read More »Four key lessons to find your e-Commerce competitive advantage