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Marketing creates connections between consumers and your brand. We have a lot of experience in driving great marketing and want to share our knowledge so you can grow your business through great marketing.

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10 easy tips to improve readability

Why read this? : Good writing is readable. But many people don’t know there are now tools you can use to measure readability. We share 10 writing tips that’ll help you improve your readability score with

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Managing bias in market research

Why read this? : Bias in market research makes your results less reliable. We share different ways it appears in each of the 3 types of research approach. Learn who and what causes it, and how

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Finding keywords for writing inspiration

Why read this? : Doing keyword research improves your writing. You look at what subjects people search on, and use those keywords for writing inspiration. Learn how to find writing ideas and insights from keyword research.

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The value of brand values

Why read this? : Brand values set out what your brand stands for, and what it does. But how do you decide what they are? We go through a simple values model to help start

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