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Marketing creates connections between consumers and your brand. We have a lot of experience in driving great marketing and want to share our knowledge so you can grow your business through great marketing.

Cheers! Let’s drink to e-Commerce alcohol sales

Snapshot : E-Commerce alcohol sales are booming as stuck-at-home customers get their booze delivered. We review why alcohol works so well as an online product, and do a brief customer experience and marketing technology audit of Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland and Bundaberg to satisfy our thirst for e-Commerce ideas and inspiration.  As Covid lockdowns and social distancing continue, and nobody can go out to the pub, Australians are drinking more and… Read More »Cheers! Let’s drink to e-Commerce alcohol sales

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5 design psychology tips for easier processing and remembering

Snapshot : Design psychology helps you understand what happens in the minds of your audience when they experience a design. We’ve pulled together 5 of the most frequently used design psychology principles, and in this article give tips and examples of where and how you can use them. These 5 tips focus primarily on making it easier for customers to process and remember your designs.  Like any skill, graphic design… Read More »5 design psychology tips for easier processing and remembering

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How to use behavioural science in marketing

Snapshot : You can use market research and data analysis to uncover customer needs, but the growing use of behavioural science in marketing offers an exciting third way to do this. Learn how to connect behavioural science learning to the brand choice funnel to create and test marketing ideas that are more likely to influence what your customers do.  The basic job of marketing is no big secret. Understand customer… Read More »How to use behavioural science in marketing

52 ways to start testing e-Commerce websites

Snapshot : Testing e-Commerce websites is key to making sure the online shopping experience works perfectly every time. In this article, we focus on the website systems and processes that shape the online shopper’s experience and share 52 tests you should run to perfect your online store.   Nobody expects things to go wrong on an e-Commerce site. Until they do go wrong.  There’s a lot of work goes into online… Read More »52 ways to start testing e-Commerce websites

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How to use storytelling in marketing

Snapshot : We all love a good story. We all tell stories to help us communicate and make sense of the world. But many marketers don’t understand or value the importance of stories for their brands and customers. This article looks for the marketing opportunities in storytelling, and shares how stories grab attention and help you build emotional connections with customers.  You’ve just got home from work (aka the spare room… Read More »How to use storytelling in marketing

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Customer loyalty? Where it matters and where it doesn’t

Snapshot : Customer loyalty divides opinions in marketing. Some argue retaining loyal customers is easier and cheaper than acquiring new ones. But others argue customers are never truly loyal and loyalty doesn’t drive sales. For us, it’s all about context. In this article, learn how to identify where customer loyalty matters and how to encourage your customers to stay loyal. Customer loyalty follows trust, awareness, consideration and trial in the brand… Read More »Customer loyalty? Where it matters and where it doesn’t

Your three choices of competitive strategy in e-Commerce

Snapshot : E-commerce is competitive. This week we explore how to use Porter’s 3 generic strategies of cost leadership, differentiation and focus to define your competitive strategy in e-Commerce. We’ll show how your competitive strategy shapes the way you run your online business. Learn from our examples of different online businesses applying each strategy.  Porter’s generic strategies model is a simple strategic planning framework that helps you define your competitive approach. Online… Read More »Your three choices of competitive strategy in e-Commerce

Lessons we’ve learned writing about marketing

Snapshot : Writing about marketing is a valuable habit. It helps us research new topics, organise our ideas and share our marketing knowledge. As a writing topic, marketing has a rich seam of sub-topics you can mine for ideas, inspiration and insights. In this article, we explain how writing about marketing can make you better at both writing and marketing.  The marketing world is a noisy place, isn’t it? For a… Read More »Lessons we’ve learned writing about marketing

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Get the most out of segmentation research

Snapshot : Learn how segmentation research helps you make better decisions about which customers to go after. We share the key steps needed to carry out segmentation research, and how and where it fits into your marketing planning. After reading this article, you’ll be clearer on key ways to turn segmentation research into actions that’ll grow your business. One of our favourite bits of advice is “you can do anything you… Read More »Get the most out of segmentation research

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E-Commerce capability – 12 ways to drive success

Snapshot : It takes the right skills, processes and systems to build a great e-Commerce business. This e-Commerce capability makes for better customer experiences and smoother running business operations. In this article, learn the 12 types of e-Commerce capability you need to be a successful e-Commerce business.  Online shopping seems easy if you’re the buyer. Pick what you want on the store website, enter your details and wait for the product… Read More »E-Commerce capability – 12 ways to drive success

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Meeting the media sales team – make it awesome, not awful

Snapshot : When your media agency recommend you spend your media budget with a single supplier, they’ll often ask media sales teams from different suppliers to pitch for the business. Sometimes this goes well, but often it doesn’t. Learn what you can do to prepare for that pitch meeting.And learn what you to look out for to make the best decision on where you spend your media money.  We’ve previously covered… Read More »Meeting the media sales team – make it awesome, not awful

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Colour in design and what it means for marketing

Snapshot : Designers know the importance of colour in design, but it’s often overlooked or undervalued by marketers. This article covers the basics of how designers think and talk about colour and then applies those to specific jobs to be done in marketing. Learn how to use colour at different stages of the brand choice funnel and what it can do to strengthen your brand identity.  It’s pretty cold and and… Read More »Colour in design and what it means for marketing