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Marketing creates connections between consumers and your brand. We have a lot of experience in driving great marketing and want to share our knowledge so you can grow your business through great marketing.

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Story structure lessons you can use on your brand

Snapshot : This week we pull some lessons from how story structure works in screenwriting and apply them to brand storytelling. From the opening act to the climax and resolution, story structure gives stories a familiar and satisfying shape. Use it to help you tell a more engaging story. Learn the key elements you need to improve the drama of your brand story.  Following our article on story types, we… Read More »Story structure lessons you can use on your brand

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How to do an e-Commerce forecast

Snapshot : Your e-Commerce forecast sets out how much you think you’ll sell online. In this article, we cover why you need it, and when and how you do it. From e-Commerce start-ups to well-established brands, we share where to source data, how to analyse it to predict future sales and who needs to be involve in setting the forecast. We also include lessons from our own first ever e-Commerce… Read More »How to do an e-Commerce forecast

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The pros and cons of early adopters

Snapshot : Early adopters are a key target for innovation, because they influence whether new products and services become popular. They’re open to new ideas, passionate about the category, and willing to make more risky purchases. But they can also be challenging customers to keep happy. They’re demanding and fickle. They lose interest when products become too popular. Read this article to learn more about how to deal with the… Read More »The pros and cons of early adopters

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Be a challenger brand in 2022

Snapshot : It’s been a challenging year. But for challenger brands, challenge is something you live with every day. In this article, we review the eight factors that drive the challenger brand approach, from breaking with the past to being ideas centric. See what lessons you can take from these factors to improve how you do marketing in 2022.  It’s been a challenging year (again), hasn’t it? But challenges make… Read More »Be a challenger brand in 2022

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Find the best story types for your brand

Snapshot : Storytellers use different story types to create familiar shapes to their stories. Marketers can use these as creative inspiration for brand stories. This week, we explore the seven most common story types with examples of brands that use them, and marketing situations where they’d be relevant. Read this for ideas on how to tell your own brand story.  Christmas is a good time to catch up on stories.  You… Read More »Find the best story types for your brand

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A brief guide to writing briefs

Snapshot : In this article, learn the key principles you need to know to get better at writing briefs. Why you need them. What’s in them. Who writes them. When to write them, and how long it should take. And we share our top five tips to writing briefs that inspire teams, and lead to better results.  We talk about writing briefs in many of our guides, notably those on market research,… Read More »A brief guide to writing briefs

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Eight ways to build a great e-Commerce culture

Snapshot : You succeed in e-Commerce by what you do and how you do it. In this article, we cover culture, which in a business defines how things get done. Get your e-Commerce culture right, and e-Commerce success follows. Culture helps you do the right things with people, your work environment and your systems and processes. Read this article to learn eight different ways to improve your e-Commerce culture.  If e-Commerce… Read More »Eight ways to build a great e-Commerce culture

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5 golden rules to improve the call to action

Snapshot : The call to action sits at the end of each stage of the customer buying journey. It’s a short statement that tells customers what they need to do next. Every action the customer takes moves them closer to buying your brand, so it’s important to get it right. This week we look at five ways to make your call to action work harder. Writing advertising and sales copy is full… Read More »5 golden rules to improve the call to action

Where do you start with e-Commerce insights?

Snapshot : The first time you look for e-Commerce insights, it’s not always clear where to start. So this week we share learnings from our first ever e-Commerce insights project. Learn about the free information that helped us build initial ideas and research questions. Then, how we used the market research process to turn those ideas and questions into e-Commerce insights. And finally, how we turned those insights into actions that… Read More »Where do you start with e-Commerce insights?

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Customer feedback – listen up or lose out

Snapshot : Every business says it listens to customer feedback. But it’s what they do with the feedback that shows if they’ve really listened. This week, we look at how companies who truly value customer feedback differ from those who don’t. Learn where customer feedback should fit in to your business and why it matters. We value your feedback says the survey. Yeh, right you think.  We’re not the only sceptical… Read More »Customer feedback – listen up or lose out

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What’s the purpose of brand purpose?

Snapshot : Marketers like to debate the pros and cons of brand purpose. Some question why it’s needed, seeing it as abstract and fluffy, and a distraction from the goal of driving sales. Fans of brand purpose however, see it as part of building your brand identity. Use it to inspire customers and employees they argue, and create a strong point of difference. This week we look at both perspectives,… Read More »What’s the purpose of brand purpose?

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How culture drives breakthrough ideas

Snapshot : This week, we review how the culture of your business influences creativity and innovation. Get the culture right and you’ll have a steady stream of improvement and breakthrough ideas to grow your brand. Read this article to learn how to match different creative types with different innovation needs. And we share the first three things to do so your culture drives better breakthrough ideas.  We’ve got a “tag” word… Read More »How culture drives breakthrough ideas