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All things e-commerce. From working with bricks and clicks retailers and maximising your product sales to working with pure players like Amazon. Also includes everything related to direct to consumer (D2C).

Cheers! Let’s drink to e-Commerce alcohol sales

Snapshot : E-Commerce alcohol sales are booming as stuck-at-home customers get their booze delivered. We review why alcohol works so well as an online product, and do a brief customer experience and marketing technology audit of Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland and Bundaberg to satisfy our thirst for e-Commerce ideas and inspiration.  As Covid lockdowns and social distancing continue, and nobody can go out to the pub, Australians are drinking more and… Read More »Cheers! Let’s drink to e-Commerce alcohol sales

52 ways to start testing e-Commerce websites

Snapshot : Testing e-Commerce websites is key to making sure the online shopping experience works perfectly every time. In this article, we focus on the website systems and processes that shape the online shopper’s experience and share 52 tests you should run to perfect your online store.   Nobody expects things to go wrong on an e-Commerce site. Until they do go wrong.  There’s a lot of work goes into online… Read More »52 ways to start testing e-Commerce websites

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Customer loyalty? Where it matters and where it doesn’t

Snapshot : Customer loyalty divides opinions in marketing. Some argue retaining loyal customers is easier and cheaper than acquiring new ones. But others argue customers are never truly loyal and loyalty doesn’t drive sales. For us, it’s all about context. In this article, learn how to identify where customer loyalty matters and how to encourage your customers to stay loyal. Customer loyalty follows trust, awareness, consideration and trial in the brand… Read More »Customer loyalty? Where it matters and where it doesn’t

Your three choices of competitive strategy in e-Commerce

Snapshot : E-commerce is competitive. This week we explore how to use Porter’s 3 generic strategies of cost leadership, differentiation and focus to define your competitive strategy in e-Commerce. We’ll show how your competitive strategy shapes the way you run your online business. Learn from our examples of different online businesses applying each strategy.  Porter’s generic strategies model is a simple strategic planning framework that helps you define your competitive approach. Online… Read More »Your three choices of competitive strategy in e-Commerce

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E-Commerce capability – 12 ways to drive success

Snapshot : It takes the right skills, processes and systems to build a great e-Commerce business. This e-Commerce capability makes for better customer experiences and smoother running business operations. In this article, learn the 12 types of e-Commerce capability you need to be a successful e-Commerce business.  Online shopping seems easy if you’re the buyer. Pick what you want on the store website, enter your details and wait for the product… Read More »E-Commerce capability – 12 ways to drive success

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The 3 biggest martech challenges and how to overcome them

Snapshot : In the last 10 years, the rapid growth of marketing technology suppliers has brought exciting new ways to connect with customers and grow brands. While some businesses thrive in this new context, others struggle to see the value in technology. This week we cover the most common martech challenges and share ways to overcome them.  Ten years is a long time in marketing. Ten years ago, marketers were still… Read More »The 3 biggest martech challenges and how to overcome them

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How to improve marketing decision-making

Snapshot : The quality of your marketing decision making determines how successful your marketing is. Better decisions lead to better results. But many businesses don’t consider how to make better decisions. Learn from our ideas, experiences and recommendations on how to make better marketing decisions.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  Decision-making is a big part of marketing. From deciding how to act on market research to building your brand identity and at all… Read More »How to improve marketing decision-making

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E-Commerce positioning – a perfect place for marketing and e-Commerce to connect

Snapshot : Your e-Commerce positioning helps you define your e-Commerce brand. Taken from the positioning map and statement, it defines which customers you’ll go after and how you’ll do it. In this article,  learn what goes into an e-Commerce positioning and review our examples of e-Commerce businesses using them. Following last week’s article on how marketing and e-Commerce are divided by a common language, we keep the theme of marketing… Read More »E-Commerce positioning – a perfect place for marketing and e-Commerce to connect

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Marketing and e-Commerce divided by a common language

Snapshot : Marketing and e-Commerce use a lot of the same words, but often have different perspectives on how to manage brands and customers. This week we explore these two perspectives and share ways to help bring them together to deliver the same end result – happier customers and more sales.  With apologies to George Bernard Shaw, we believe “marketing and e-Commerce are two skills divided by a common language”.  For example,… Read More »Marketing and e-Commerce divided by a common language

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Let’s step into online fashion shopping

Snapshot : In the world of online fashion shopping, you’re either hot or you’re not. This week, we mystery shop The Iconic, Myer and Converse’s D2C store to check out their online selling experience. Find out what we learn about front end areas like the design, navigation, search and product pages. We also investigate how they organise their back-end systems like delivery and returns to win (or lose) customers.  If you have a passion… Read More »Let’s step into online fashion shopping

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Online marketing opportunities from communications, social and productivity consumer needs

Snapshot : The customer needs of communications, socialising and productivity bring many online marketing opportunities. In this article, we’ll explain and dive into those needs, and give examples of brands that grow by meeting those needs. Learn from these examples to boost your own online marketing.  A few weeks ago, we wrote an article about TNS’s Digital Lifestyle study, which identifies six online customer needs. We focussed on three of those needs – information,… Read More »Online marketing opportunities from communications, social and productivity consumer needs