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All things e-commerce. From working with bricks and clicks retailers and maximising your product sales to working with pure players like Amazon. Also includes everything related to direct to consumer (D2C).

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How to do an e-Commerce forecast

Snapshot : Your e-Commerce forecast sets out how much you think you’ll sell online. In this article, we cover why you need it, and when and how you do it. From e-Commerce start-ups to well-established brands, we share where to source data, how to analyse it to predict future sales and who needs to be involve in setting the forecast. We also include lessons from our own first ever e-Commerce… Read More »How to do an e-Commerce forecast

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Be a challenger brand in 2022

Snapshot : It’s been a challenging year. But for challenger brands, challenge is something you live with every day. In this article, we review the eight factors that drive the challenger brand approach, from breaking with the past to being ideas centric. See what lessons you can take from these factors to improve how you do marketing in 2022.  It’s been a challenging year (again), hasn’t it? But challenges make… Read More »Be a challenger brand in 2022

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Eight ways to build a great e-Commerce culture

Snapshot : You succeed in e-Commerce by what you do and how you do it. In this article, we cover culture, which in a business defines how things get done. Get your e-Commerce culture right, and e-Commerce success follows. Culture helps you do the right things with people, your work environment and your systems and processes. Read this article to learn eight different ways to improve your e-Commerce culture.  If e-Commerce… Read More »Eight ways to build a great e-Commerce culture

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5 golden rules to improve the call to action

Snapshot : The call to action sits at the end of each stage of the customer buying journey. It’s a short statement that tells customers what they need to do next. Every action the customer takes moves them closer to buying your brand, so it’s important to get it right. This week we look at five ways to make your call to action work harder. Writing advertising and sales copy is full… Read More »5 golden rules to improve the call to action

Where do you start with e-Commerce insights?

Snapshot : The first time you look for e-Commerce insights, it’s not always clear where to start. So this week we share learnings from our first ever e-Commerce insights project. Learn about the free information that helped us build initial ideas and research questions. Then, how we used the market research process to turn those ideas and questions into e-Commerce insights. And finally, how we turned those insights into actions that… Read More »Where do you start with e-Commerce insights?

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The benefits of subscription models for customers and brands

Snapshot : With subscription models, customers buy more than just a product or service. They buy an experience. They commit to buying from you regularly in return for access to value, convenience or discovery benefits they can’t get elsewhere. You deliver these benefits with a great customer experience that keeps customers happy and loyal. Read on to find out more about how subscription models work and how to build them… Read More »The benefits of subscription models for customers and brands

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Learn from your marketing mistakes

Snapshot : Nobody sets out to fail, but sometimes your marketing just doesn’t work. Competitors or customers do things you didn’t expect, and sometimes marketing mistakes get made. But what you learn when things go wrong is what makes you a better marketer in the future. This week we share three case studies where marketing mistakes were made, and how we learned from them. Watch out for anyone who claims they… Read More »Learn from your marketing mistakes

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Let’s recognise the value of e-Commerce Customer Service

Snapshot : This week, we go through the value of e-Commerce customer service. Learn what it does for customers, and how that boosts your online sales. See how customer service teams add value to your business by answering questions and solving customer problems. Find out what’s needed to manage e-Commerce customer service in the best way.  It’s no secret serving customers grows your business. But actions speak louder than words in the world… Read More »Let’s recognise the value of e-Commerce Customer Service

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How to get the most out of B2B CRM

Snapshot : First, we’ll define the context of Business-to-Business (B2B). Learn key differences in the B2B buying process. Then, we’ll talk about B2B CRM programs and the activities needed to support them. We’ll share an example CRM project, and its connection to other marketing activities. Finally, we’ll outline the skills needed to run successful B2B CRM programs. It’s been a while since we last covered Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We spend… Read More »How to get the most out of B2B CRM

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Cheers! Let’s drink to e-Commerce alcohol sales

Snapshot : E-Commerce alcohol sales have boomed as stuck-at-home customers get their booze delivered. That’s given us a thirst to learn more about this category. So this week, we first look at why alcohol works so well as an online product. Then, we’ll do a customer experience and marketing technology audit of Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland and Bundaberg and share what we learn. As Covid lockdowns continue, and nobody can go out… Read More »Cheers! Let’s drink to e-Commerce alcohol sales

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52 ways to start testing e-Commerce websites

Snapshot : Testing e-Commerce websites is a big part of making sure visitors to your online store have a great experience. The more you test, the more confident you can be that everything will work perfectly. This article shares simple user testing principles, and the basic documentation and specification set-up for testing. Then we go through 52 different tests you can run to perfect your online store.   As our guides… Read More »52 ways to start testing e-Commerce websites

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Customer loyalty? Where it matters and where it doesn’t

Snapshot : Customer loyalty divides opinions in marketing. Some argue retaining loyal customers is easier and cheaper than acquiring new ones. But others argue customers are never truly loyal and loyalty doesn’t drive sales. For us, it’s all about context. In this article, learn how to identify where customer loyalty matters and how to encourage your customers to stay loyal. Customer loyalty follows trust, awareness, consideration and trial in the brand… Read More »Customer loyalty? Where it matters and where it doesn’t