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All things creative – including writing, graphic design, photography and video – as well as how to apply them in marketing and e-commerce projects.

Man wearing a black Gincredible design T-shirt on a walkway in a forest

Mash-up a brainstorming lesson, Stephen King and T-shirts

Snapshot : One way to come up with creative ideas is to mix things together that don’t normally go together. So this week’s article is a mash up of a brainstorming lesson, some lessons from Stephen King’s book on writing and what we’ve worked out so far about how to design T-shirts Let’s start with a random question to get you thinking more creatively this week. Can you guess what… Read More »Mash-up a brainstorming lesson, Stephen King and T-shirts

Woman standing in front of a river wearing a black round neck T-shirt with a This Mum Loves design

T-Shirt shop learnings part 2

Snapshot : We share more T-shirt shop learnings as we try new things in this category. We’ll talk about designs and the importance of simplification in the design process. We’ll talk about about design short-cuts with some options to outsource T-shirt designs. And finally, we’ll touch briefly on Facebook advertising and some of the many challenges when you start Facebook advertising So, we switched our focus for the New Year… Read More »T-Shirt shop learnings part 2

The value of writing

Snapshot : What’s the value of writing? We’ll talk about some research we’ve done on freelance copywriters and how much they charge for their work. We’ll then talk about how as a business owner we ‘value’ writing in terms of what it does for our business. And then we’ll close off with some thoughts about how you might value writing for your business. When we recently wrote an article about writing, we mentioned… Read More »The value of writing

How to be a more creative company

Snapshot : It’s easier to talk about being a creative company, than it is to act like one. To be a more creative company, you need to encourage more people to think and work as creators. You need to minimise the impact of critics who set up road blocks to creativity. And, finally you need to recognise the many people are coasters, who can be more creative if you push the in the right direction.  Businesses succeed when… Read More »How to be a more creative company

Fountain pen writing on lined page

Writing about writing about writing

Snapshot : With a new website, writing suddenly becomes a big thing. You need good written content to tell people who you are, what you can do for them, and what you stand for. We’ve done a lot of writing these past few months. So, this week we thought it was a good time to share what we’ve learned so far by writing about writing. Topics this week include the ideal… Read More »Writing about writing about writing

Workshop post its generic contents

Running a workshop (our mid-workshop rant)

Snapshot : Running a workshop can be a challenge. In this quick post we cover some of the biggest frustrations. Learning what to avoid helps make a better use of everyone’s time when it comes to running a workshop.  Dug this rant out from an old blog post we did on another site. All we want for Christmas is to have to attend less workshops! Unless of course, we are the… Read More »Running a workshop (our mid-workshop rant)

Creative T-shirt thinking on colour, typography and composition

Snapshot : This week we focus on creative T-shirt thinking. Learn how we made key creative decisions on colour, typography and other design principles on different areas of T-shirt design. These decisions and learnings were a key part of the launch of our first online shop as Three-Brains.  In our article about our Spreadshirt shop launch, we shared why Print on Demand was our preferred first sales channel for online selling.  This week we move on to how… Read More »Creative T-shirt thinking on colour, typography and composition

A ring in a jewellery box - shown before and after Photoshop has been used - the after picture enhances the visual impact

Photo editing tech has never made you look so good

Snapshot : Our thoughts on the use of Adobe Photoshop as we get to grips with photo editing to set up our new site. We talk about how accepted photo editing has become in marketing and e-Commerce and share what happens when it goes wrong, and when it goes right. In the recent Prince Andrew / Jeffrey Epstein media scandal, the question of whether that photo of him with the girl… Read More »Photo editing tech has never made you look so good

Three brains colour palette

How to pick a brand colour palette

Snapshot : Read about the process we went through to pick the brand colour palette on three-brains. The steps we took and the thinking behind our choices.  As we started to work on the brand identity for the three-brains brand, one of the first areas we considered was the brand colour palette. As you can read in our guide to the use of colour in marketing, colour plays an important role in… Read More »How to pick a brand colour palette