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All things creative – including writing, graphic design, photography and video – as well as how to apply them in marketing and e-commerce projects.

Marketing inspiration – read like a polymath

Summary : We take marketing inspiration from reading about other topics. So, in this article we some learning from psychology and behavioural science. Then, look at how to improve your writing skills. And, we finish with what you can learn from the culture behind the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. We call this polymath reading.  One of the challenges when you call your business Three-brains, is people expect you to… Read More »Marketing inspiration – read like a polymath

Magpie that is inquisitive - symbolic for learning new things all the time

Learn more about e-Commerce thanks to the magpie

Snapshot : Inspired by the curiosity of the magpie, we revisit 5 key e-Commerce lessons from our first ever online store project. More than 5 years on since we launched it, learn how many of those lessons still ring true when it comes to setting up an online store.  It’s currently magpie swooping season in Australia.  Cue, headlines about swooping magpies freaking out kids (and adults) for getting too close… Read More »Learn more about e-Commerce thanks to the magpie

Person sharpening the blade of an axe on a grinding machine

Copywriting challenges – this week’s axe to grind

Snapshot : Copywriting plays a key role at all parts of the customer experience and brings the voice of your brand to life. But if you do it yourself, you soon find a whole range of copywriting challenges. It takes a special type of person to write copy. This week’s post shares frustrations from the world of copywriting.  OK, a small confession to start this week’s post.  The original title for this post was going… Read More »Copywriting challenges – this week’s axe to grind

Typography in marketing - beware defaults

Make a fontastic choice – use the psychology of fonts

Snapshot : There are three types of people when it comes to the psychology of fonts. Those that don’t care. Those that care too much. And the smartest of marketers who recognise it’s another tool in their marketing toolbox to help gain an extra edge over the competition.  As a follow on from last week’s article on colour psychology, this week, we wanted to pick up another interesting overlap between the… Read More »Make a fontastic choice – use the psychology of fonts

1980s colour based stay at home playlist

Colour psychology in marketing – your choice of colour matters

Snapshot : Your choice of colour impacts how consumers perceive your brand and your activity every day. But colour psychology in marketing is rarely top of mind. As we update our guide to the use of colour in marketing, we share some specific examples of how you can use colour to grow the impact of your brand. Your choice of colours says a lot about you and your brand. When you see… Read More »Colour psychology in marketing – your choice of colour matters

Sign on a wall that reads get the creativity flowing

Creativity in business is for everyone, including you.

Snapshot : It’s common to pigeon-hole creativity in business, but that can limit the impact creativity has. It’s more than creative skills like graphic design and writing. It’s more than generating ideas through creative thinking.  In this article, we cover how can businesses tap into a much wider range of ideas and styles. We cover how creativity can be both evolutionary AND revolutionary.  We’ve previously shared why you should beware anyone who feels the need… Read More »Creativity in business is for everyone, including you.

Toy doll Woody from Toy Story lying on the floor

Reading business books – business writing that stands out

Snapshot : This week, we pull out three different insights from reading business books you can use in your business. Learn how Pixar supports new ideas in their ugly baby stage. From behavioural science, how the distinctiveness bias can help your brand and advertising stand out. And from negotiation theory, how to win a fair deal in any negotiation. In Brad Stone’s excellent biography of Jeff Bezos, The Everything Store, he… Read More »Reading business books – business writing that stands out

Person sticking up one finger - the non-verbal way of swearing

Swear words in advertising

Snapshot : The use of swear words in advertising presents you with a creative and business dilemma. Use swear words and you may lose some people because you offend them. But swearing taps into deep and relevant human emotions. And in the right context, swearing makes your brand seem more relevant. Read our guide on how to make swear words work for you. Ya nosy bugger, ya.  Is bad language good for… Read More »Swear words in advertising

Young man standing in Times Square at night looking up the bright media advertising billboards

How to evaluate advertising : Client – agency experiences

Snapshot : How to evaluate advertising is one of the most challenging questions in marketing. We share models and checklists from academia and agencies to show how leading business do it. But we also recognise that it really comes down to how you understand your consumer and define what your brand stands for.  We’ve talked before about the key moment when client marketing and creative teams come together to present their… Read More »How to evaluate advertising : Client – agency experiences

Yellow post it with illustration of a lightbulb pinned to a wooden pin board

Creative problem solving? Here’s an idea ..

Snapshot : Ideas are contagious. But most ideas in business never make it. Find out where to start with creative problem solving. Learn why framing your problem positively changes the dynamic of the solution. Then, find out why, asking “why” to diagnose your problem can help you get to the root cause. And lastly, learn some of the ways that businesses tend to kill ideas, and how to avoid this.  Since we moved over into coaching… Read More »Creative problem solving? Here’s an idea ..