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All things creative – including writing, graphic design, photography and video – as well as how to apply them in marketing and e-commerce projects.

Grow your business with digital services

Snapshot : This week, we cover how you can use digital services to connect better with customers and grow your business. We review the 3 extra service Ps – people, process and physical evidence – that add to the core marketing mix. And then, we look at three key online customer needs – information, entertainment and shopping – where digital services can grow your brand. It’s clear the 4Ps of marketing is a great starting point for marketing plans. With product,… Read More »Grow your business with digital services

Marketing evolution - revolution model - spectrum showing mouse problem in middle and evolution answer - better mousetrap - and revolution answer - a cat

Marketing evolution versus marketing revolution

Snapshot : This week, we dive into the differences between marketing evolution and marketing revolution. Do you safely and steadily evolve your marketing with incremental changes to build up long-term consistent growth? Or, do you boldly and brazenly revolutionise your marketing to drive disruptive but risky breakthroughs? That’s the innovator’s dilemma.  One of the great things about working in marketing is you get to spend time thinking about what makes people tick.  We’re all different, after all.  But marketing… Read More »Marketing evolution versus marketing revolution

Woman typing on a macbook, editing blogs

What we’ve learned editing blogs

Snapshot : In this article, we share our top 9 lessons of what we’ve learned editing blogs. From crafting more impactful beginnings to adding clear calls to action at the end, here are lessons you can apply to make your own blog writing clearer, more impactful and more successful.  When you think about writing, you tend to think about the specific act of committing words to the page or screen.… Read More »What we’ve learned editing blogs

Creative thinking - operational efficiency

Three ways to generate more creative thinking ideas

Snapshot : Learn three ways to generate more creative thinking ideas. Firstly, identify the three key roles of opportunity owner, facilitator and contributor in idea generation. Then, define the differences between creative and operational ways of working. And finally, learn how to set up an environment and culture to support creativity.  In our creative thinking guide, we cover the reasons why creativity adds value to your business. So, how creativity… Read More »Three ways to generate more creative thinking ideas

Writer writing showing writing skills

What we’ve learned writing in 2020

Snapshot : Writing has been a big focus for the Three-Brains team since our launch. So, to close out the year, we share the 5 biggest lessons we’ve learned from writing in 2020.  As we covered some of our lessons from e-Commerce from 2020 last week, we wanted to pick a more creative topic for our final post of the year. And given that this blog and building our website… Read More »What we’ve learned writing in 2020

3 stone statues of monkeys. One monkey has hands over ears (hear no evil), one has hands over eyes (see no evil) and last has hands over mouth (speak no evil).

The Three Monkeys of Creativity – What’s your creative personality style?

Snapshot : Following our articles on the three monkeys of marketing and e-Commerce, this week we apply the three monkeys thinking to creative personality types. Read more to find out about the three monkeys of creativity. As we’ve covered insight colours and personality types based on the three monkeys of marketing and the three monkeys of e-Commerce, we didn’t want creative types to feel left out. So, this week, we’re applying insight colours and personality types… Read More »The Three Monkeys of Creativity – What’s your creative personality style?

A pile of wrapped up Christmas gifts

Christmas advertising tells us it’s already here

Snapshot : Christmas advertising is the last chance of the year to build brands and drive sales. In this article we evaluate adverts from Coca-Cola, Myer and Pandora to see how clear, understandable, relevant, impactful and unique they are. All of which impact on whether they will actually drive sales.  So, it’s that time of year. The sleigh bells are ringing. And we’re listening. The supermarket aisles are packed with… Read More »Christmas advertising tells us it’s already here

Stag lying down in a green field

Remember the value of storytelling

Snapshot : Unfortunately, most advertising is ignored or forgotten. But when you add the value of storytelling to your advertising, it’ll stand out and be more memorable. We share examples from the world of whisky advertising, cooking shows and travel to inspire you to create better advertising. Advertising that’s noticed and remembered.  How many adverts do you think you see each day? 100? 1,000? We remember a media agency training… Read More »Remember the value of storytelling