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Colour in design and what it means for marketing

Snapshot : How to explain and how to use colour in design. We focus on key business and marketing goals and some of the choices you need to make about colour to help you win more customers.  As Sydney shivers through as cold and dark a winter as we can remember, it seemed a good time to re-visit the subject of colour.   Following our guide to colour in marketing… Read More »Colour in design and what it means for marketing

1980s colour based stay at home playlist

Colour psychology in marketing – your choice of colour matters

Snapshot : Your choice of colour impacts how consumers perceive your brand and your activity every day. But colour psychology in marketing is rarely top of mind. As we update our guide to the use of colour in marketing, we share some specific examples of how you can use colour to grow the impact of your brand. Your choice of colours says a lot about you and your brand. When you see… Read More »Colour psychology in marketing – your choice of colour matters

Three Brains T-shirt - This mum loves her kids to the moon and back. Black female t-shirt at Redbubble

T-Shirt shop learnings part 2

Snapshot : We share more T-shirt shop learnings as we try new things in this category. We’ll talk about designs and the importance of simplification in the design process. We’ll talk about about design short-cuts with some options to outsource T-shirt designs. And finally, we’ll touch briefly on Facebook advertising and some of the many challenges when you start Facebook advertising So, we switched our focus in early January to… Read More »T-Shirt shop learnings part 2

Gin and tonic creative T-shirt spreadshirt female pink

Creative T-shirt thinking on colour, typography and composition

Snapshot : This week we focus on creative T-shirt thinking. How we took key creative decisions on areas like colour, typography and composition as we launched our first online shop under the Three-Brains brand.  We’ve covered in previous posts why we chose Print on Demand T-shirts as our test e-commerce platform. This week we’ve focussed on building up more examples of the creative side of our work. While we do know a lot of the theory about creative… Read More »Creative T-shirt thinking on colour, typography and composition

Three brains colour palette

How to pick a brand colour palette

Snapshot : Read about the process we went through to pick the brand colour palette on three-brains. The steps we took and the thinking behind our choices.  As we we started to work on the brand identity for the three-brains brand, one of the first areas we considered was the brand colour palette. As you can read in our guide to the use of colour in marketing, colour plays an important role… Read More »How to pick a brand colour palette