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Creative thinking

How to generate creative thinking in your business. Idea generation, ideation, lateral thinking, innovation thinking ideas and more.

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Creativity in business is for everyone, including you.

Snapshot : It’s common to pigeon-hole creativity in business, but that can limit the impact creativity has. It’s more than creative skills like graphic design and writing. It’s more than generating ideas through creative thinking.  In this article, we cover how can businesses tap into a much wider range of ideas and styles. We cover how creativity can be both evolutionary AND revolutionary.  We’ve previously shared why you should beware anyone who feels the need… Read More »Creativity in business is for everyone, including you.

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Reading business books – business writing that stands out

Snapshot : This week, we pull out three different insights from reading business books you can use in your business. Learn how Pixar supports new ideas in their ugly baby stage. From behavioural science, how the distinctiveness bias can help your brand and advertising stand out. And from negotiation theory, how to win a fair deal in any negotiation. In Brad Stone’s excellent biography of Jeff Bezos, The Everything Store, he… Read More »Reading business books – business writing that stands out

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Creative problem solving? Here’s an idea ..

Snapshot : Ideas are contagious. But most ideas in business never make it. Find out where to start with creative problem solving. Learn why framing your problem positively changes the dynamic of the solution. Then, find out why, asking “why” to diagnose your problem can help you get to the root cause. And lastly, learn some of the ways that businesses tend to kill ideas, and how to avoid this.  Since we moved over into coaching… Read More »Creative problem solving? Here’s an idea ..

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Mash-up a brainstorming lesson, Stephen King and T-shirts

Snapshot : One way to come up with creative ideas is to mix things together that don’t normally go together. So this week’s article is a mash up of a brainstorming lesson, some lessons from Stephen King’s book on writing and what we’ve worked out so far about how to design T-shirts Let’s start with a random question to get you thinking more creatively this week. Can you guess what… Read More »Mash-up a brainstorming lesson, Stephen King and T-shirts

How to be a more creative company

Snapshot : It’s easier to talk about being a creative company, than it is to act like one. To be a more creative company, you need to encourage more people to think and work as creators. You need to minimise the impact of critics who set up road blocks to creativity. And, finally you need to recognise the many people are coasters, who can be more creative if you push the in the right direction.  Businesses succeed when… Read More »How to be a more creative company

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Running a workshop (our mid-workshop rant)

Snapshot : Running a workshop can be a challenge. In this quick post we cover some of the biggest frustrations. Learning what to avoid helps make a better use of everyone’s time when it comes to running a workshop.  Dug this rant out from an old blog post we did on another site. All we want for Christmas is to have to attend less workshops! Unless of course, we are the… Read More »Running a workshop (our mid-workshop rant)