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How to generate creative thinking in your business. Idea generation, ideation, lateral thinking, innovation thinking ideas and more.

Two post it notes - one with a light bulb sketch and one with 5Ws - why? what? who? where? when?

The 5Ws of idea generation

Snapshot : Great ideas fuel business growth. But how do you encourage idea generation so your business has a regular supply? In this article, we use the 5Ws model – why, what, who, where and when – to refine idea generation into actionable chunks. Learn how answering the 5Ws of idea generation keeps your business topped up with great ideas. We all like the idea of idea generation, don’t we?  Why?… Read More »The 5Ws of idea generation

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E-Commerce capability – 12 ways to drive success

Snapshot : It takes the right skills, processes and systems to build a great e-Commerce business. This e-Commerce capability makes for better customer experiences and smoother running business operations. In this article, learn the 12 types of e-Commerce capability you need to be a successful e-Commerce business.  Online shopping seems easy if you’re the buyer. Pick what you want on the store website, enter your details and wait for the product… Read More »E-Commerce capability – 12 ways to drive success

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Creative approval – How to get creative work through your business

Snapshot : A successful creative approval process manages the trade-off between risk reduction and customer impact. It reduce risks like legal challenges, brand inconsistency, budget overspend and damage to the company reputation. But it also drives customer impact with creative work that’s bold, unpredictable and takes some risks. Learn from our experiences how to find this balance between risk and impact. At some point with creative development work, you move from… Read More »Creative approval – How to get creative work through your business

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Creative evaluation – 3 key questions to keep you on the right track

Snapshot : Everyone’s got an opinion on creativity, which means navigating creative work through a business can be frustrating. Creative evaluation takes time. You have to manage disagreements and different points of view, and it’s easy to lose focus. In this article, we share three key questions that’ll keep you on the right track.  Creativity can feel like a big box of Cadbury’s Favourites. Lots of fun and variety, but people’s have… Read More »Creative evaluation – 3 key questions to keep you on the right track

Light switch on a wall, labelled Creativity on and off

Easy creative ideas for any business

Snapshot : Learning how to be more creative is fun, but it also has serious benefits for marketing. Being creative gets easier with practice, but often, it’s hard to know where to start. Here, we share our three favourite easy creative ideas to help you take that first step to being more creative.  We love the word creativity.  Who doesn’t? Creativity puts a smile on your face. It’s fun. Create something, point… Read More »Easy creative ideas for any business

Marketing evolution - revolution model - spectrum showing mouse problem in middle and evolution answer - better mousetrap - and revolution answer - a cat

Marketing evolution versus marketing revolution

Snapshot : This week, we dive into the differences between marketing evolution and marketing revolution. Do you safely and steadily evolve your marketing with incremental changes to build up long-term consistent growth? Or, do you boldly and brazenly revolutionise your marketing to drive disruptive but risky breakthroughs? That’s the innovator’s dilemma.  One of the great things about working in marketing is you get to spend time thinking about what makes people tick.  We’re all different, after all.  But marketing… Read More »Marketing evolution versus marketing revolution

Creative thinking - operational efficiency

Three ways to generate more creative thinking ideas

Snapshot : Learn three ways to generate more creative thinking ideas. Firstly, identify the three key roles of opportunity owner, facilitator and contributor in idea generation. Then, define the differences between creative and operational ways of working. And finally, learn how to set up an environment and culture to support creativity.  In our creative thinking guide, we cover the reasons why creativity adds value to your business. So, how creativity… Read More »Three ways to generate more creative thinking ideas

3 stone statues of monkeys. One monkey has hands over ears (hear no evil), one has hands over eyes (see no evil) and last has hands over mouth (speak no evil).

The Three Monkeys of Creativity – What’s your creative personality style?

Snapshot : Following our articles on the three monkeys of marketing and e-Commerce, this week we apply the three monkeys thinking to creative personality types. Read more to find out about the three monkeys of creativity. As we’ve covered insight colours and personality types based on the three monkeys of marketing and the three monkeys of e-Commerce, we didn’t want creative types to feel left out. So, this week, we’re applying insight colours and personality types… Read More »The Three Monkeys of Creativity – What’s your creative personality style?

Marketing inspiration – read like a polymath

Summary : We take marketing inspiration from reading about other topics. So, in this article we some learning from psychology and behavioural science. Then, look at how to improve your writing skills. And, we finish with what you can learn from the culture behind the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team. We call this polymath reading.  One of the challenges when you call your business Three-brains, is people expect you to… Read More »Marketing inspiration – read like a polymath

Magpie that is inquisitive - symbolic for learning new things all the time

Learn more about e-Commerce thanks to the magpie

Snapshot : Inspired by the curiosity of the magpie, we revisit 5 key e-Commerce lessons from our first ever online store project. More than 5 years on since we launched it, learn how many of those lessons still ring true when it comes to setting up an online store.  It’s currently magpie swooping season in Australia.  Cue, headlines about swooping magpies freaking out kids (and adults) for getting too close… Read More »Learn more about e-Commerce thanks to the magpie

Sign on a wall that reads get the creativity flowing

Creativity in business is for everyone, including you.

Snapshot : It’s common to pigeon-hole creativity in business, but that can limit the impact creativity has. It’s more than creative skills like graphic design and writing. It’s more than generating ideas through creative thinking.  In this article, we cover how can businesses tap into a much wider range of ideas and styles. We cover how creativity can be both evolutionary AND revolutionary.  We’ve previously shared why you should beware anyone who feels the need… Read More »Creativity in business is for everyone, including you.