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All things creative – including writing, graphic design, photography and video – as well as how to apply them in marketing and e-commerce projects.

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E-Commerce capability – 12 ways to drive success

Snapshot : Great e-Commerce businesses put the right skills, processes and systems in place to support their operations. These skills, processes and systems are come from building e-Commerce capability. In this article, we outline 12 different types of e-Commerce capability that you can improve to be a better online seller.  For online buyers, shopping seems easy. Pick what you want on the website, enter your details and voila, the product… Read More »E-Commerce capability – 12 ways to drive success

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Colour in design and what it means for marketing

Snapshot : How to explain and how to use colour in design. We focus on key business and marketing goals and some of the choices you need to make about colour to help you win more customers.  As Sydney shivers through as cold and dark a winter as we can remember, it seemed a good time to re-visit the subject of colour.   Following our guide to colour in marketing… Read More »Colour in design and what it means for marketing

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Creative approval – How to get creative work through your business

Snapshot : Businesses use creative approval controls to prevent legal issues, ensure brand and customer consistency and manage budgets and the company reputation. But, these controls often work against breakthrough. They provoke differences of opinion about business risk. This article covers how to turn these challenges into an opportunity to create better work.  Last week, we shared three simple creative evaluation questions that keep you focussed on external customers, their… Read More »Creative approval – How to get creative work through your business

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Creative evaluation – 3 key questions to keep you on the right track

Snapshot :  Getting creative work out the door and in front of customers can be a challenge. The creative evaluation process takes time. There can be many distractions and differences of opinion as your try to make the creative work better. To keep you on track through these challenges, we recommend you always come back to three key questions. Who’s it for? What do you want them to think and… Read More »Creative evaluation – 3 key questions to keep you on the right track

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5 habits to enhance your writing expertise

Snapshot :- As our website now has over half a million words, we wanted to share 5 habits that have enhanced our writing expertise. Learn these 5 habits – reading about writing; eliminating basic mistakes; focussing on reader needs; valuing first drafts; and eliminating unneeded words and phrases to boost your own writing expertise.  Setting yourself the goal of enhancing your writing expertise feels like a major commitment. There’s so much… Read More »5 habits to enhance your writing expertise

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Customer segment profiles – how to make your customer the hero

Snapshot : Customer targeting decisions are an important part of brand management. Customer segment profiles help you define and describe your target customers. We’ll share how to use them to create a shared understanding of the customer and to check your marketing activity against customer needs. Ideally, you want them to show the customer as the hero of your brand’s story.  In brand strategy development, you have many important decisions… Read More »Customer segment profiles – how to make your customer the hero

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Easy creative ideas for any business

Snapshot : Learning how to be more creative is fun, but it also has serious benefits for marketing. Being creative gets easier with practice, but often, it’s hard to know where to start. Here, we share our three favourite easy creative ideas to help you take that first step to being more creative.  We love the word creativity.  Who doesn’t? Creativity puts a smile on your face. It’s fun. Create something, point… Read More »Easy creative ideas for any business

Grow your business with digital services

Snapshot : This week, we cover how you can use digital services to connect better with customers and grow your business. We review the 3 extra service Ps – people, process and physical evidence – that add to the core marketing mix. And then, we look at three key online customer needs – information, entertainment and shopping – where digital services can grow your brand. It’s clear the 4Ps of marketing is a great starting point for marketing plans. With product,… Read More »Grow your business with digital services

Marketing evolution - revolution model - spectrum showing mouse problem in middle and evolution answer - better mousetrap - and revolution answer - a cat

Marketing evolution versus marketing revolution

Snapshot : This week, we dive into the differences between marketing evolution and marketing revolution. Do you safely and steadily evolve your marketing with incremental changes to build up long-term consistent growth? Or, do you boldly and brazenly revolutionise your marketing to drive disruptive but risky breakthroughs? That’s the innovator’s dilemma.  One of the great things about working in marketing is you get to spend time thinking about what makes people tick.  We’re all different, after all.  But marketing… Read More »Marketing evolution versus marketing revolution