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All things creative – including writing, graphic design, photography and video – as well as how to apply them in marketing and e-commerce projects.

Two post it notes - one with a light bulb sketch and one with 5Ws - why? what? who? where? when?

The 5Ws of idea generation

Snapshot : Great ideas fuel business growth. But how do you encourage idea generation so your business has a regular supply? In this article, we use the 5Ws model – why, what, who, where and when – to refine idea generation into actionable chunks. Learn how answering the 5Ws of idea generation keeps your business topped up with great ideas. We all like the idea of idea generation, don’t we?  Why?… Read More »The 5Ws of idea generation

Old fashioned typewriter with the words design psychology on a white piece of paper

5 design psychology tips for easier processing and remembering

Snapshot : This article shares how design psychology helps you understand what happens in people’s minds when they experience a design. It covers five of the most frequently used design psychology principles, with examples of how to use them. Use these five principles to make it easier for customers to process and remember your designs.  The basic tools you need to learn graph design are clear. Learn about colour, typography and… Read More »5 design psychology tips for easier processing and remembering

A neon on a white wall saying we are all made of stories

How to use storytelling in marketing

Snapshot : We all love a good story. We all tell stories to help us communicate and make sense of the world. But many marketers don’t understand or value the importance of stories for their brands and customers. This article looks for the marketing opportunities in storytelling, and shares how stories grab attention and help you build emotional connections with customers.  You’ve just got home from work (aka the spare room… Read More »How to use storytelling in marketing

Lessons we’ve learned writing about marketing

Snapshot : Writing about marketing is a valuable habit. It helps us research new topics, organise our ideas and share our marketing knowledge. As a writing topic, marketing has a rich seam of sub-topics you can mine for ideas, inspiration and insights. In this article, we explain how writing about marketing can make you better at both writing and marketing.  The marketing world is a noisy place, isn’t it? For a… Read More »Lessons we’ve learned writing about marketing

Person's hand resting on a wooden sign saying you got this

E-Commerce capability – 12 ways to drive success

Snapshot : It takes the right skills, processes and systems to build a great e-Commerce business. This e-Commerce capability makes for better customer experiences and smoother running business operations. In this article, learn the 12 types of e-Commerce capability you need to be a successful e-Commerce business.  Online shopping seems easy if you’re the buyer. Pick what you want on the store website, enter your details and wait for the product… Read More »E-Commerce capability – 12 ways to drive success

Young child holding a blue paint tube and squeezing it out

Colour in design and what it means for marketing

Snapshot : Designers know the importance of colour in design, but it’s often overlooked or undervalued by marketers. This article covers the basics of how designers think and talk about colour and then applies those to specific jobs to be done in marketing. Learn how to use colour at different stages of the brand choice funnel and what it can do to strengthen your brand identity.  It’s pretty cold and and… Read More »Colour in design and what it means for marketing

Small metal statue of lady of justice holding scales

Creative approval – How to get creative work through your business

Snapshot : A successful creative approval process manages the trade-off between risk reduction and customer impact. It reduce risks like legal challenges, brand inconsistency, budget overspend and damage to the company reputation. But it also drives customer impact with creative work that’s bold, unpredictable and takes some risks. Learn from our experiences how to find this balance between risk and impact. At some point with creative development work, you move from… Read More »Creative approval – How to get creative work through your business

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Creative evaluation – 3 key questions to keep you on the right track

Snapshot : Everyone’s got an opinion on creativity, which means navigating creative work through a business can be frustrating. Creative evaluation takes time. You have to manage disagreements and different points of view, and it’s easy to lose focus. In this article, we share three key questions that’ll keep you on the right track.  Creativity can feel like a big box of Cadbury’s Favourites. Lots of fun and variety, but people’s have… Read More »Creative evaluation – 3 key questions to keep you on the right track

Close up on person writing (typing) on a MacBook

5 habits to enhance your writing expertise

Snapshot :- As our website now has over half a million words, we wanted to share 5 habits that have enhanced our writing expertise. Learn these 5 habits – reading about writing; eliminating basic mistakes; focussing on reader needs; valuing first drafts; and eliminating unneeded words and phrases to boost your own writing expertise.  Setting yourself the goal of enhancing your writing expertise feels like a major commitment. There’s so much… Read More »5 habits to enhance your writing expertise

Example of a customer segment profile for a hypothetical customer for adventure holidays called Lonesome Lukas

Customer segment profiles – how to make your customer the hero

Snapshot : Customer targeting decisions are an important part of brand management. Customer segment profiles help you define and describe your target customers. We’ll share how to use them to create a shared understanding of the customer and to check your marketing activity against customer needs. Ideally, you want them to show the customer as the hero of your brand’s story.  In brand strategy development, you have many important decisions… Read More »Customer segment profiles – how to make your customer the hero

Light switch on a wall, labelled Creativity on and off

Easy creative ideas for any business

Snapshot : Learning how to be more creative is fun, but it also has serious benefits for marketing. Being creative gets easier with practice, but often, it’s hard to know where to start. Here, we share our three favourite easy creative ideas to help you take that first step to being more creative.  We love the word creativity.  Who doesn’t? Creativity puts a smile on your face. It’s fun. Create something, point… Read More »Easy creative ideas for any business